Episode 30 : Finger Holes

3.17.08 – Episode 30 : Finger Holes

Show Notes – Join us for a look at FluffyYukYuk by OhNoDoom!, Lenore figures from Dark Horse, bunches of news, events, and more! Thanks for spending another week with us here at Toy Break and happy St. Patrick’s Day and Easter!

* Knock off paper toys? WTF?

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  • Paper Train – we had a bootleg paper train, here is the real one
  • Toy Fare – issue 129
  • Indiana Jones One Coin Figures – by Kotobukiya – 2″ Indiana Jones capsule toys coming to Japan in June for about $5
  • Combat-R Zero – by Atomic Mushroom – 9.5″ vinyl robots available in red, black, green, and yellow, limited to 500 pieces each – $55 each or $265 for the set of 5 includes the Plutonium GID version
  • DIY Soopa Coin-Up Bros – by Erick Scarecrow & ESC Toy – 7″ blank white vinyl figure available now for $29.99
  • UniPo Fan Series – by UNKL – four new UniPos created by Rultron, Tummie, Peter Creten, and Yosoh – available now $7.99 each
  • Adult Swim Mini Figures – by Kidrobot – series includes 20 figures from Adult Swim cartoons – available April 17th for $7.95 each
  • Vegetius – by Kaiju Big Battel & Marmit – will be available at the KBB booth at San Diego Comic Con
  • Mecha Sad Bear – by Luke Chueh & intheyellow – 6″ tall, silver edition limited to 200 pieces, available in April for $64
  • Batman & Joker Deluxe Action Figures – by DC Direct – 13″ tall, 28 points of articulation, available in July for about $80 each


  • Fluffy Yuk Yuk – by OhNoDoom! – plush, plastic teeth, bigger finger holes – $25
  • Lenore PVC Set # 2 – by Dark Horse Deluxe – 3 figures, 4″ tall, based on art by Roman Dirge – $20
  • Lenore Vinyl Figure – by Dark Horse Deluxe – 8″ tall, based on art by Roman Dirge – $25


  • Multiple Personalities – a group show featuring toys, paintings, and skate decks from tons of artists including Das Mo, Bwana Spoons, Doktor A, D-Lux, Drilone, Lout Pimentel, Motorbot, Squidnik and many more at Lift Designer Toys in Royal Oak, Michigan starting March 29th
  • Before There Were Video Games, There Were Toys – art extravaganza celebrating the items we cherished as children at Gallery 1988 Los Angeles from April 1st to April 25th
  • Gag Me with a Toon – over 20 artists contribute to the celebration of 80’s animated iconography at Meltdown Comics on April 5th
  • Some Stuff I Made – solo show featuring 10″ custom Mad*Ls by Mad himself at the myplasticheart LES store in New York City, NY on April 17th
  • New York Comic Con – at the Javits Center in New York City from April 18th to 20th
  • The Soopa Show – group show featuring over 30 custom Soopas (figure by Erick Scarecrow) at Concrete Jungle in Forest Hills, NY on April 19th