Episode 29 : Paper Cuts

3.10.08 – Episode 29 : Paper Cuts

Show Notes – We explore the world of paper toys and the variety of artists and designs available for download. You rock for taking a paper Toy Break with us!

* Paper toys + wind = no more paper toys 🙁

  Toy Break Stuff
  • Call Toy Break – call and ask us a question, leave a message, or tell us about your favorite toys on the Toy Break hotline at 818-Am-I-Good (818-264-4663)
  • PaniksToyBox.com Contest – win a gift certificate for $100 to PaniksToyBox.com! Just post a picture of you with a bunny of any kind (bunny suit, real bunny, toy bunny, photoshop bunny, etc.)! Be creative! Deadline is March 19th.
  • Toy Brief – don’t miss short, under 2 minute segments from yours truly 2-3 times per week on YouTube and now on iTunes, too!
  • Toy Break on Blip.tv – reminder to update your Flash player to fully enjoy watching Toy Break on Blip.tv!
  • Dexter Toys – coming this Fall from Bif Bang Pow!
  • Dolly – by Wheaty Wheat & Medfed – 8″ vinyl medication figure available in four colorways (Blue, Grey, Red, Black)
  • Yellow Smash – by Joe Ledbetter & Toy2R – Munky King exclusive Banana Edition Smash limited to 200 pieces, available in March
  • White Mr. Muggles and Slap Happy – by Brandt Peters & MINDstyle – 3DRetro.com exclusive white version limited to 77 pieces, available now for $129
  • Buildman Ranic – by Onell Design – new addition to the Glyos universe (with Pheyden and Exellis) available late Spring
  • Wunderland War Series 3 – by Wunderland War – 3 new characters including Crazy 88 Monkey Assassin, Cult Leader Monkey, and 8 Hands For Bad Habits Octopus, 496 pieces each, available now
  Paper Toys
  • Nice Paper Toys – home of artist Nice Bunny and paper toy mecca with social networking features
  • Paper Forest – blog devoted to paper creations
  • Papercraft World – blog with a variety of paper crafts and news
  • Paper Craft – blog with new and custom paper figures and a new forum
  • Speakerdog – from Ben the Illustrator – 150 designs spanning five series
  • Kenn Munk/ – created a series of paper kits called Antlors
  • Shin Tanaka – Spiky Baby Series 08 & Deluxe Series available now as virtual blind box
  • Matt Hawkins – cartoonist/illustrator who also posts a free paper toy every month at custompapertoys.com
  • E440 – paper squirrels
  • 3 Eyed Bear – several cute paper kits
  • Horror Paper Toys – collection of darker paper toys like monster masks and a haunted house
  • Free Paper Toys – odd collection of paper models including hats, ipods, busts, etc.
  • Science Fiction Paper Crafts – sci-fi vehicles from Star Wars, Star Trek, and a few other shows
  • Limited Edition – this UK exhibition to raise money and awareness for endangered wildlife around the world is featuring a huge list of artists from March 14th to March 30th
  • The Well – solo exhibit by Greg Simkins at M Modern in Palm Springs, CA starting on March 15th
  • Heart Snatchers – group art show featuring John Kissee, Natali Martinez, Cristy C. Road and Tatiana Suarez at Pink Ghost in Ft. Lauderdale, FL from on March 15th to April 19th
  • Multiple Personalities – a group show featuring toys, paintings, and skate decks from tons of artists including Das Mo, Bwana Spoons, Doktor A, D-Lux, Drilone, Lout Pimentel, Motorbot, Squidnik and many more at Lift Designer Toys in Royal Oak, Michigan starting March 29th
  • New York Comic Con – at the Javits Center in New York City from April 18th to 20th
  • The Soopa Show – group show featuring over 30 custom Soopas (figure by Erick Scarecrow) at Concrete Jungle in Forest Hills, NY on April 19th