Episode 31 : Flavors

3.25.08 – Episode 31 : Flavors

Show Notes – This week we take a look at Night Gamer from Plaseebo, zPix 200 from Carson Optical, Gorilla Grodd from DC Direct, and more news, events, and toy tidbits! Thanks for being the best Toy Breakers ever!

* We like the Totally Rad Show so much we “borrowed” their title for episode 31!

Toy Break Stuff

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  • T-Boy – by Shin Tanaka & Play Imaginative – 7″ vinyl based on Shin Tanaka’s paper toy designs
  • Notorious B.I.G. and Jason Action Figures – by Mezco – 9″ B.I.G. and 10″ Jason figures available from Mezco at New York Comic Con next month
  • Kujira the Whale – by Owl Australia – handmade resin figures and with hand carved wooden harpoon, available in three colors and also in a limited soft rubber edition
  • BEit Dude – by Kicktoys – 6″ vinyl figures, add your own face or photo
  • Plushform – by Shawnimals & Squibbles Ink – 9″ tall, 3″ deep DIY plush figure available this Spring for about $20 each with a limited number available at NYCC
  • New Pheyden Colors – by Onell Design – three new colors of Pheyden are available now including Eclipse (black and white), Andromeda (orange and green glow), Cosmic Wave (clear blue and clear) – $8 each
  • Vinyl Dookie-Poo – by Manny Galan & Chaotic Unicorn – 5″ tall vinyl version of Dookie-Poo limited to 300 pieces and will premiere at NYCC for $29.99
  • Panda Evil Ape – by MCA & Toy2R – 6″ tall vinyl coming in June, limited to 300 pieces with close eyed variant limited to 60 pieces
  • Designer Toy Song – by Toy Singah – designer toy song on YouTube


  • Night Gamer Edition 2 – by Bill Hand & Bob Conge of Plaseebo – 7″ tall, roto-cast white glow in the dark, hand painted by Bob, signed/numbered, all custom editions limited to 20 pieces or less – $110
  • zPix 200 – by Carson Optical – digital 1.3 megapixel microscope with still & video capture – $129
  • Gorilla Grodd – by DC Direct – 7.25″ tall based on Justice League art by Alex Ross – $15


  • Techno Babble – featuring works by Nakanari & Dave “Outta My Mind” Quiles at myplasticheart in New York, NY starting March 28th
  • Destination Unkown – solo show featuring work by Dez Einswell including original paintings, prints, vinyl figures, customs, and a limited edition t-shirt at SURU in Los Angeles, CA opening March 29th
  • Multiple Personalities – a group show featuring toys, paintings, and skate decks from tons of artists including Das Mo, Bwana Spoons, Doktor A, D-Lux, Drilone, Lout Pimentel, Motorbot, Squidnik and many more at Lift Designer Toys in Royal Oak, Michigan starting March 29th
  • Before There Were Video Games, There Were Toys – art extravaganza celebrating the items we cherished as children at Gallery 1988 Los Angeles from April 1st to April 25th
  • Gag Me with a Toon – over 20 artists contribute to the celebration of 80’s animated iconography at Meltdown Comics on April 5th
  • Children of a Lesser Odd – solo show featuring Terribly Odd at Rivet Gallery in Columbus, Ohio from April 5th to April 30th
  • Some Stuff I Made – solo show featuring 10″ custom Mad*Ls by Mad himself at the myplasticheart LES store in New York City, NY on April 17th
  • New York Comic Con – at the Javits Center in New York City from April 18th to 20th
  • The Soopa Show – group show featuring over 30 custom Soopas (figure by Erick Scarecrow) at Concrete Jungle in Forest Hills, NY on April 19th