Episode 182 : Subtly Stripey

9.6.11 – Episode 182 : Subtly Stripey

Show Notes – Luke Chueh joins us on the couch for Lunartik In A Cup of Tea, FabriQee, and much more! Get to grillin’ and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff



  • Lunartik In A Cup Of Tea – by Matt JOnes – 6.5″ vinyl figure from series two which includes four flavors: Orange, Lemon, Berry, and Mint – £35
  • Lunartik Art Pass – by Matt JOnes – nine artist designed card holders from series three, limited to 200 pieces each – £3
  • FabriQee Plush – by Toy2R – 21″ plush purple Doink limited to 840 pieces available in 7 colors including Orange, Black, Red, Purple, White, Yellow and Blue – $50
  • Rivet Wars – 55mm resin figures of the Allies Vert Tank – $15


  • Stop It! – group art show curated by Super Cooper at Munky King in Los Angeles, CA Sep 10th
  • Vinyl Thoughts – one night custom vinyl toy show at The Quixotic World in Deep Ellum, TX on September 15th from 7 to 11 pm