Episode 181 : Teabag Thor!

8.31.11 – Episode 181 : Teabag Thor!

Show Notes – This week we have JellyMussel, Mugo, and much more! Heat up that lasagna and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff


  • “Rainbow TTT” Bop Bag – by FriendsWithYou & Loyal Subjects – 52″ tall, limited to 250 pieces – $90
  • Upchuck – by Erick Scarecrow – 5.5″ clown figure with 3.5″ clear resin vomit accessory – limited to 15 pieces – pre-order on Wednesday, August 31st at 12pm for $150 each
  • The Sucklord on Work of Art – debuting on October 8th on Bravo TV, The Sucklord will be a contestant on Work of Art season 2 – watch a trailer for the show on SpankyStokes.com



  • PecanPal Ceramic Cups – by Noferin – ceramic cup with saucer that fits snugly on top – available in blue and yellow or red and pink – $18 each – coming soon
  • JellyMussel – by Jellyface – available soon in four sizes
  • Mugo – 2 GB flash drive/mp3 player – Monkey from Kung Fu Panda – $55


  • Dragon Con – pop culture convention in Atlanta, GA from Sep 2nd to 5th
  • Garbage Pail Kids Tribute Show – over 100 artists put their individual spin on the classic Garbage Pail Kids cards at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, CA from Sep 2nd to Oct 1st
  • Stop It! – group art show curated by Super Cooper at Munky King in Los Angeles, CA Sep 10th
  • Vinyl Thoughts – one night custom vinyl toy show at The Quixotic World in Deep Ellum, TX on September 15th from 7 to 11 pm