Episode 85 : Mothra Attack!

7.16.09 – Episode 85 : Mothra Attack!

Show Notes – Join us for Kabuki and the new DIY Mallow from Shocker Toys, Urban Criminal Scapegoat by Jure Gavran, Neko by Delme, and much more! Crack those hard boiled eggs and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff

  • Mono Smash Contest – brought to you by Tenacious Toys – limited to 150 pieces, $100 – draw your version of Smash and post it in the forum! – all skill levels welcome, winner will be chosen at random – deadline is July 29th
  • Alex Pardee Signed Box Back – send us a post card! – deadline is August 1st
  • Breaker Buildman – announcing our first ever Toy Break exclusive figure – the purple Breaker Buildman from Onell Design! This figure is limited to 150 pieces and is available exclusively from ToyBreak.com for $8


  • Cereal Geek Issue 5 – next issue of Cereal Geek, an awesome magazine dedicated to animation of the eighties, is due out soon
  • Custom Gwins – by October Toys and various artists – custom vinyl Gwins will be available from October Toys at San Diego Comic Con booth 4838 for $30
  • Kotobukiya giving away over $25,000 in prizes at SDCC – beginning on Thursday July 23rd at 11 am, Koto will be holding hourly events at their booth #2601 where fans will have a chance to win all sorts of prizes with individual values up to $200
  • Shocker Toys SDCC Exclusives – Shocker Toys will be at booth 3849 with several exclusive offerings including: 6″ Dick Tracy Black & White Suit version action figure (500pcs), 6″ Dick Tracy Black & White Trenchcoat version action figure (250pcs), Dethklok Re-release box set (500pcs), Dethklok Dr. Rockso Designer Mallow (500pcs), Phantom Designer Mallow (500pcs), SDCC Art Designer Mallow (250pcs)


  • Kabuki – by Shocker Toys – 6″ action figure part of the Indie Spotlight Series 1 which also includes SCUD, Shadow Hawk, Katchoo, and The Maxx – $18 including shipping
  • Mallow – by Shocker Toys – 5″ marshmellow themed DIY figure with 10 points of articulation and 7 interchangeable parts – $14 including shipping
  • Urban Criminal Scapegoat – by Jure Gavran – debuting at SDCC at Kuso Vinyls booth (#4837) – 75 pieces will be available for $90


  • Boris & Picnic Land Series – launch party at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, CA on July 17th
  • Mez-Itz Art Show – featuring custom Mez-Itz figures at booth 4145 at San Diego Comic Con July 22nd to July 26th