Episode 77 : Short and Sweet

5.18.09 – Episode 77 : Short and Sweet

Show Notes – Relax and join us for Argus 300 by Secret Cinnamon Squad, Ugly Doll action figures, Mickey Indiana Jones and much more! Mix up an Arnold Palmer and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff

  • Curster Custom Winner and Star Wars Galaxy Cards Winner – Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners!
  • Abraham Obama Bust Contest – 16″ gold version Abraham Obama Bust by Ron English, limited to 50 pieces, $200, brought to you by 3DRetro.com – to enter, head over to the forum and post a picture of yourself dressed up as your favorite president – be creative and submit a photo, drawing, photoshoped image, etc! – deadline is June 17th
  • The Glyos Cut-Throat Custom Contest – Monsterforge is holding a contest on our forum for a custom ship and exclusive Glyos action figure, hand-sculpted and painted – to enter, simply reply to the contest post in the Glyos section of our forum – deadline is June 1st
  • Toy Break MP3 – use the “mp3” link above to download just the audio from this episode


  • IWG Sleepy Bear Series – by Rocket World – coming in June, new series of IWG figures includes a sleeping bear with spork, combat knife, and human skull trophy – bears includes brown, panda, or white with blood – price not yet available
  • Tenso Series 1 – by Torben – two figures, hand made, hand painted, articulated, and flocked include Tenso, 8″ high, limited to 10 pieces, is €60 ($80) and Flosha is 4.5″, limited to 5 pieces, is €30 ($40)
  • Black Mamba Medusa – by Erick Scarecrow – 10″ vinyl figure from ESC Toys Kissaki Series, limited to 300 pieces – $60
  • Natural Wood Pecanpals – by Noferin – series includes five figures: Claudius, Pecan, Fanelli, Jac Jac, and Pandacake ranging from 4.5″ to 6.5″ tall – available now for $45 each
  • Craving some original art? – several pieces from the Common Nonsense show featuring Scott Tolleson and Ken Keirns at Rotofugi are still available online
  • lomoD.xx’s Flickr – thank you again for the blindboxes!!


  • Argus 3000 – by Secret Cinnamon Squad – “3 3/4” bootleg action figure – only 10 of these handmade resin figures were available
  • Uglydoll Mini Figures – by Ugly Dolls – 3″ figures include Wage, Babo, Jeero, Ice-Bat, Wedgehead and OX, all available in classics and “Little Ugly” colors – $96 for a case or $8 each
  • Mickey as Indiana Jones – by Disney – 3″ PVC Figure with whip, fertility idol, and satchel – $8 – available in Disney parks

Kaiju Korner

  • Kaijuice – compilation of 36 tracks sponsored by Super7, Rocketworld, Android 8, Optikon Rekords, and Kaiju Big Battel – $20


  • BotCon – Transformers convention featuring special guests, panels, a film fest, contests, and a sales room at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA from May 28th to May 31st