Episode 76 : Straight From The Forum

5.12.09 – Episode 76 : Straight From The Forum

Show Notes – This week we have Office Cronies by nottaToy, Squadt Nozzle by Jamungo, another Mighty Mugg, special guest host Kyle Thye, and more! Peel your banana and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff

  • Curster Custom Contest Extended! – Win an incredible custom plush from Curster by taking a picture of you putting on your best Yeti face and post it in the contest section of our forum – need some inspiration? visit curster.com and check out their other plush customs – deadline is now May 13th
  • Star Wars Galaxy Cards Contest – Win a complete set of Star Wars Galaxy Series 4 Trading Cards by heading over to our fourm on ToyBreak.com and posting your least favorite Star Wars character and why they are your least favorite! – deadline is May 13th
  • Toy Break MP3 – use the “mp3” link above to download just the audio from this episode
  • The Neil Winn Project – design #3 has prevailed! Check it out as Neil starts sculpting and stay tuned as we chronicle the progress from design to finished resin piece!


  • Halo Odd Pods – by McFarlane – 4″ figures, due out this July – series 1 includes Master Chief, Brute Chieftain, Sparten EVA 9red0, Spartan EOD (steel) – pre-order for $10 each
  • The Morsels – by Gary Ham & Julie B of Pretty in Plastic – handcast, handpainted resin figures limited to 5 pieces of each version including Peppermint, Neopolitan, and Chocomint – price and release date coming soon
  • The Cthulhu Juice Crew Figure 1 : Ducksauce – by Dynomight NYC & Suckadelic – limited run 3 3/4″ figure will be manufactured by The Sucklord and painted by J-ROO – available soon for $35
  • Lunartik In A Cup Of Tea – by Lunartik – 6.5″ vinyl figure comes with cup & saucer, shiny spoon, and two sugar cubes – five colors include Ice T, White, Rosie Lee, DIY Milky, and Green Tea – available for pre-order now for £35 at ForbiddenPlanet.com – also win a whole set by entering the Design-a-Lovely Cup of Tea contest! To enter, download the blank DIY template at Lunartik.com, design your own cup of tea creation, and email it to Design@Lunartik.com by September 2009
  • Calling All Cars Papertoys – by Jack Hankins aka Horrorwood – first wave includes 5 designs from 5 artists including Matt Hawkings, Jerom, [mck], Jonny Chiba, and Dolly Oblong
  • Twilight Zone Collectibles Coming Soon – for the 50th anniversary of the Twilight Zone, Bif Bang Pow! has announced a series of collectibles starting with bobble heads of the Mystic Seer from the “Nick of Time” episode and the invader from “The Invaders” episode – pre-order now for $13 each
  • MegaGwin in the NY Times – New York Times article about architect Greg Lynn in the Spring 2009 Style magazine includes pictures of his house with several designer toys including a custom MegaGwin by Blinky!


  • Office Cronies – by nottaToy – 10″ plush characters of office stereotypes include Empty Suit, Mean Admin, Megaphone Mouth, Fridge Raider, Bottleneck, Captain Obvious – $20 each
  • Teebo Mighty Mugg – by Hasbro – this is a Target exclusive Mighty Mugg – $11
  • Squadt Nozzle – by Jamungo – 6″ vinyl figure includes 2 sets of arms, weapon, and removalbe helmet – limited to 100 pieces, $65 – sold out


  • Custom Mini Skully Show – group show with over 120 custom pieces at Chuckwa in Fullerton, CA from May 16th to June 5th
  • BotCon – Transformers convention featuring special guests, panels, a film fest, contests, and a sales room at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA from May 28th to May 31st

Cool Custom of the Week