Episode 7 : New!

5.15.07 – Episode 7 : New!

Show Notes – A new era of Toy Break has arrived! No, we didn’t get any cuter (like that’s possible :), but we do have a new set. So come enjoy that as well as a recap of the Spring Vinyl Toy Network show, Patrick Morgan’s Whale Boy, handmade plush dragons by Anna P. of AngelDevil, a bunch of other new toys, a new contest and much more! We’re also aware that we didn’t quite meet our new goal of a shorter Toy Break, but next time! Next time, Gadget!! Thank you for your support and for taking a Toy Break with us!


  • Interview on Toys R Evil – Check out the Toy Break interview on toysrevil.blogspot.com!
  • Four Horsemen Contest Winner – We have a winner and would like to thank everyone who entered the contest! Keep watching for more great prizes!
  • Gloomy Bear Contest – Win your very own little Gloomy Bear! Head over to the forums and post!
  • Toy Fare – Some good things, some not so good things in issue #119.
  • Pushers – by Thomas Han & Munky King – coming soon!
  • Ledbetter Sneak Peak – hand painted sample of new Joe Ledbetter toy for the Vivisect Playset set to arrive this summer from StrangeCo!
  • DOMA Acid Sweeties – by DOMA & Kid Robot – currently available for $7.95
  • Scavenger Hunt – to celebrate the release of the DOMA Acid Sweeties, Kid Robot has put together a massive scavenger hunt! Check out their site for the details.
  • Possessed – by Luke Chueh & Munky King – release date is May 18th – regular version will be less than $100
  • Pee-Wee Toys – by NECA – retro style Pee-Wee Herman figures – about $7.99 each – available now at many stores including BidBadToyStore.com
  • Marvel Super Hero Squad Wave 4 – by Hasbro – 4 new sets coming soon include Nightcrawler & Juggernaut, Wolverine & Phoenix, Iceman & Beast, Thing & Moleman for around $5.99 per set
  • Sket One’s Elements – by Sket One & Kaching Brands – Set 1 includes 6 figures and should release sometime in May
  • Shelf Candy Customs – new custom toy site brought to you by Jenny Wolf and Brian Spradlin – check it out!


  • Vinyl Toy Network – The Spring VTN show was a smashing success! Check out out little recap, the sweet goodie bags, and prepare for the next Vinyl Toy Network show coming this December!
  • Toy Giants – New book by Daniel and Geo Fuchs featuring oversized photos of thousands of toys.
  • Shiitakes – blank DIY Shiitakes are currently available for $6.99 and don’t miss the Shiitakes parade of custom plush Shiitakes at ToyQube in June
  • Whale Boy – by Patrick Morgan – $39.95 – also check out Patrick Morgan’s blog at patrickmorganart.blogspot.com
  • Spider-Man & Friends – Super Mini Heroes – by Hasbro – $3.99
  • Handmade Plush Dragon – by Anna P. of AngelDevil – Anna is currently taking commissions for her dragons and horses – only $70 for a handmade plush!


  • Vinyl Elements – 50 artists take on the theme of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth on 12 different vinyl platforms on April 17th 7-10 pm @ Barracuda in Los Angeles, CA
  • Creepy Dolls by Bastet2329 – group art exhibit featuring the art of Peter Mihaichuk, creepy dolls by Bastet2329, and corpses from the Ed Gein Collection at Hyaena Gallery in Burbank, CA – exhibit runs May 16-31, opening reception is May 19th 8 pm – midnight
  • Hello! New York!! – Thunderdog Studios & Toy Tokyo present DevilRobots solo show May 19th at the Showroom NYC in New York
  • Sugar & Cyanide – group art show hosted by Pinkghost, Miss Kika, Pooka.machine & Terribly Odd – May 26th 7pm to midnight @ Pink Ghost in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • A Sweet Day In May – official release & signing of Christopher Lee’s Marsh “Mellow” by Wheaty Wheat on May 31st 7-11 pm at Creme De La Creme in Burbank, CA (Marsh “Mellow” is a 3D Retro exclusive limited to 300 pcs)
  • San Diego Comic-Con – July 26-29 – it’s never too early!