Episode 6 : Return of the Toy Break

4.16.07 – Episode 6 : Return of the Toy Break

Show Notes – Still not sick! We must be starting a trend. Check out Ragnar’s Maltese Chimp, Tara McPherson’s Ace & Ion, new Kidrobot pieces, Matt’s Doodle Pirate, and our continued feature on how to make toys. We also apologize for teh kind of crumby sound on the feature. We think the waxer somehow interfered with the mic – weird. We’ll fix that in future features. Enjoy and thank you thank you thank you for taking a Toy Break with us!


  • Ongoing Four Horsemen Contest – We are extending this contest one more episode, so head over to the forums and post!
  • playtimes-magazine.com – Sadly, Playtimes magazines has recently ceased production. As we mourn the loss of this fine publication, we encourage you to support remaining toy magazines like Clutter, Hi Fructose, Super 7, Lee’s Toy Review and any others you can find!
  • Toy Giants – New book by Daniel and Geo Fuchs featuring oversized photos of thousands of toys.
  • Star Wars Mimobots – Series 1 (R2-D2, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, and a Storm Trooper) now shipping!
  • Tattoo Dunnys – New set of 12 Dunnys featuring designs by leading tattoo artists.
  • CI Boys – by Kid Robot & Red Magic – featuring the 7 deadly sins – coming May 10
  • Kid Robot 13 – by Sket One – finally a pirate! – coming May 17
  • Thundermutts – several new designs on the horizon by Tristan, Filth, and Mike Burnett
  • Moneygrip – by Kano – available for pre-order original and diy – red myplasticheart.com exclusive and black toyqube.com exclusive
  • Mickey Mouse Runaway Brain – by Span of Sunset & Disney – available now in four colorways including original, neon, chrome, and candy flake
  • Chaz & Daz – by Motomichi Nakamura & Android 8 – two figures, 4.5″ and 6″
  • Shiitakes – by Erick Scarecrow – coming soon! – sneak peek from Erick Scarecrow’s blog
  • Japanorama Urban Vinyl – 5 minute video from BBC short documentary series on Japan hosted by Jonathan Ross featuring Bounty Hunter, Secret Base, Bearbrick and several other Japanese toys
  • VinylAbuse.com – is looking for contributors to help create City Guides based around the vinyl scene in London, Paris, LA, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Tokyo, Hong Kong
  • Jessica Joslin Artbook – coming soon! – book of sculptures will be published in conjunction with Lisa Sette Gallery and released later this year


  • Maltese Chimp – by Ragnar & Electric Tiki – 6″ tall, four colorways including green, blue, brown, and grey – about $90 – (If you’re in the LA/SFV area, check it out at House of Secrets)
  • Ace & Ion – by Tara McPherson & Kid Robot – 2 pieces, 4″ tall – $39.95 – also available on 3DRetro.com
  • Fizzgig – by Toy Vault – $19.95 on entertainmentearth.com
  • Doodle Pirate – by Play Along – about $14.99
  • Kit Fisto – by Hasbro – from the Star Wars Saga Collection – $7.99
  • Vader’s Black Starfighter – by Hasbro – $19.99

Feature – How To Make Toys (cont’d)

  • Second installment of How To Make Toys talks about working with wax and general sculpting techniques.


  • Plastic Pimps – 50 customized trexi figures April 13th 7-11 pm through May 13th @ Central Station Records in Melbourne, Australia
  • Bitter Sweets – Ryan Myers solo art show- April 14th 8-11 pm @ Pink Ghost Ft. Lauderdale, FL – free coffee and cupcakes!
  • External Combustion II – Alphacult & Jada Toys have teamed up to bring you this show featuring 35 customized 1:24 scale Scian XB die-cast cars April 14th 7-11 pm through May 9th @ Alphacult in Long Beach, CA
  • I Am 8-Bit – opening reception 7 to 11 pm – over one hundred artists redreaming their favorite video games of the 80s at Gallery 1988 in Hollywood April 17 thru May 12
  • Attack of the Zliks – April 20th to May 20th at MyPlasticHeart in New York – customized 19″ Zliks – also brought to you by Wheaty Wheat
  • High and Dry – New works by Sket-One May 4th 6-11 pm and May 18th 6-10 pm @ Pravus at the anti_space in Phoenix, AZ
  • Vinyl Toy Network – A mini convention full of vinyl retailers, artists, and other goodies May 6th at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA