Episode 60 : Plushisode Part 1

1.5.09 – Episode 60 : Plushisode Part 1

Show Notes – This week we have a plushtastic episode full of small Mousey Miccis from Erick Scarecrow, Raul from Fuzzy Balls, gini-gini from Ru Sun, Canned Haminal from Crystal Chesney Thompson, Teddy Scares from Applehead Factory, lots of voicemails and more! Tear into those Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff

  • Ludwig Van Bust Contest Winner – Thank you to everyone who participated and if you didn’t win, you can still check out the exclusive silver Ludwig Van Bust by Frank Kozik over at 3DRetro.com!
  • GID Killa Instinct Contest – Win this exclusive 3DRetro.com glow in the dark edition Killa Instinct by Marka27 and BIC Plastics limited to 100 pieces! Grab a spray can (paint, hair spray, etc.), customize it however you want, and post a picture of it in the contest section on the forum! Deadline is January 7th
  • Small Toy Break Download – just use the “small mp4” link above for a lower resolution, smaller version (320 x 240) of Toy Break at about half the size in megabytes
  • Toy Break on Blip.tv – reminder to update your Flash player to fully enjoy watching Toy Break on Blip.tv!
  • 20% Off Coupons – use the coupon code “TOYBREAK” for 20% off at 3DRetro.com, Funkrush.com, and OctoberToys.com!

On Location

  • Toy Break correspondent Mike Maraldo had a chance to visit the Nocturnal show at Cardboard Spaceship featuring work by Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters. Thank you to Mike for taking the time to share that with us and be sure to check out his toy blog at japvinyl.blogspot.com


  • Canned Haminal – by Crystal Chesney Thompson – $12
  • 8″ Mousey Micci – by Erick Scarecrow – available in purple, white, pink, green, and mocha – $15
  • gini-gini – by Ru Sun and blackpeach – 9″ by 15″ – available in blue, pink, green, and yellow – $25
  • Raul – by Fuzzy Balls – about 9″ by 12″ – hand screen printed and hand sewn, extremely limited – $20
  • Teddy Scares – by Applehead Factory (produced in conjunction with Eastern State Penitentiary’s Terror Behind the Walls) – 8″ exclusive Prison Rita Mortis – $15
  • Teddy Scares Contest – Win this 8″ exclusive Prison Rita Mortis – check out all the Teddy Scares at teddyscares.com, then head over to our forum and post your favorite one in the contest section – deadline is January 28th
  • Stuffed – volume 1 – volume 2 of this semi annual publication will be out in August 2009

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