Episode 48 : Cheers!

9.15.08 – Episode 48 : Cheers!

Show Notes – We have the Time Keepers from the Four Horsemen, Chef Duff Minimate, Sleestaks from Funko, news, Funkrush shirts, and much more! Get your carrot shake ready and enjoy a Toy Break with us!

* If you’ve ever stood in line for a movie, go watch The Line. Awesome!

Toy Break Stuff

  • Purple Scavenger Contest – Win an exclusive Dragon Con purple Scavenger by Kathy Olivas just by heading over to the forum and posting a picture of yourself with your Scavenger collection! – deadline is October 1st
  • Small Toy Break Download – just use the “small mp4” link above for a lower resolution, smaller version (320 x 240) of Toy Break at about half the size in megabytes
  • Toy Break on Blip.tv – reminder to update your Flash player to fully enjoy watching Toy Break on Blip.tv!
  • Funkrush Shirts – UK based shirt company with tons of great designs by your favorite artists plus you can save 20% with the discount code “TOYBREAK”


  • Stylized Leatherface – by Mezco – 9″ Leatherface with 13 points of articulation, real clothing, and comes complete with chainsaw, bucket of glistening gore, bloody mallet, bone handle knife, and removable apron – pre-order now for $30
  • Atomic Mushroom Gas Money Sale – all prices have been reduced by $5 for a limited time!
  • Monskey Series 2.5 Giveaway – you can win five of the series 2.5 Monskeys, one of the new giant toys, and a limited edition Monskey made especially for Super Art Fight by posting a comment on the blog at Angry Zen Master – the contest runs until September 19th – check out the Monskeys at monskey.us
  • Watchmen Movie Series 2 – by DC Direct – series 2 features four action figures including The Comedian, Dr. Manhattan, classic Nite Owl, and classic Silk Spectre (the Minutemen) – expected to ship in February 2009 – pre-order the set for $65
  • Guitar Hero Action Figures – by McFarlane – the first series of four figures including Johnny Napalm, Lars Umlaut, Axel Steel, and the God of Rock should be available in October for between $10 and $15 each
  • That New Toy Smell – welcome to a new toy show on the internet called That New Toy Smell!


  • Sleestaks – SDCC exclusive GID Wacky Wobbler and gold 12″ Bobble Bank – green Wacky Wobbler ($11), green bank ($25), and GID bank ($30) at panikstoybox.com
  • Chef Duff Minimate – by Diamond Select Toys – this Duff Goldman minimate is available exclusively through Charm City Cakes in Baltimore – $8
  • Time Keepers – by The Four Horsemen – Baraeth, Nybbaz, and Aestorath have 8 points of articulation and each comes with Chrono-Hammer – $10 each or all three for $25


  • Noop Show by Coarsetoys – art and toys by Coarsetoys creator Mark Landwehr at Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago, IL from September 12 – October 5
  • The Duality of Humanity – new works by Shepard Fairey at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco, CA from September 13th to October 4th
  • Winter VTN – mark your calendars for holiday toys and fun at the Winter Vinyl Toy Network which will be a two day event on December 6th & 7th