Episode 101 : Benn

12.4.09 – Episode 101 : Benn

Show Notes – Join us for a Designer Con recap with Color Ink Book, Mini G-Robot, Jizzgrenade from KiLL!, and much more! Find a candy apple and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff

  • Vannen Watch Contest Winner – Win a Halloween exclusive watch designed by Dirty Donny courtesy of Vannen Watches. Thank you to everyone who participated!
  • Glyos Forum Contest Winner – Watch this episode for the winner and to check out the fabulous prize courtesy of Monsterforge!


  • Star Wars Mimobots – Mimoco needs your help completing their Star Wars Series line up – go vote now for Tusken Raider, TIE Fighter Pilot, Obi-Wan Kenobi, or Greedo!
  • Toy Book Report – Study: Phthalates Can Affect Boys Play –
    “A new study by the University of Rochester found that young boys exposed to high levels of phthalates during their mother’s pregnancy may be less likely to play with male-typical toys such as trucks and toy guns. The study divided pregnant women in their 28th week into four groups by the concentration level of phthalate metabolites in their urine. Once children reached ages 3 to 6, researchers assessed their play behavior by asking parents to describe their favorite type of toys and play. Each child was then given a score reflecting masculine-typical play or feminine-typical play. Mothers in the highest concentration group were five times more likely to have a boy with a less-masculine score than mothers in the lowest concentration group. The study is published in the International Journal of Andrology.”

  • LEGO Advent Calendar – we will be opening the 2009 LEGO City Advent Calendar everyday in December over at Youtube! Check it and and subscribe so you don’t miss any of the fun!
  • Big thanks to – Ilanit from HappyPandaToys.com and 66inchBartFigurine for stopping by at Designer Con with goodies!


  • Y Water – organic, low calorie beverage with vitamins and minerals – choose from brain, immune, muscle, or bone
  • Get Flipped – custom 3D lenticular photos on demand
  • Color Ink Book Vol. 5 – features two covers by Glen Barr and another from David Lanham – artists showcased in this volume are Bill Alger, Glen Barr, 110 Special Black, Olla Boka, Riccardo Bucchioni, Andy Council, Deplanetart, Formfieber, Kyle Kesterson, David Lanham, McBess, Kenn Munk and more
  • Mini G-Robot – by Vinyl Pulse – 4 inch tall figures with 6 points of articulation – 12 variants in the series by Jukai, Remix Taipei, Revelator, Dacosta!, Marka27, Antz, Filter017, Phalanx, VinylPulse and adFunture Studio
  • Plush Monkey – by Sock Monkey Ghetto – plush animals
  • Jizzgrenade – by KiLL! – custom bootleg resin figure on card
  • GID Vinyl – by KiLL! – 3″ glow in the dark figure
  • BIC Buddy – by Ritzy Periwinkle – part of series 1 which includes 12 other artists – $8
  • Custom MiniGwins – by DrilOne – limited edition of 60 – $10


  • DIY Qee Show – featuring over 50 customs by artists such as Julie West, Keith Poon, Reactor 88, Nasty Neil, and tons more at Genuine Artikle in New York on December 12th