Episode 91 : House Call

9.19.09 – Episode 91 : House Call

Show Notes – Join us as we visit Doctor Kent and his amazing toy collection as well as review some vintage figures like X-Cop Ghost by Kenner, Centaurus by Palisades, 200x Teela by Mattel, and much more! Order up your favorite pizza and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff

  • Big Army Man Contest – Win the new 18″ Commie Red version Big Army Man from Frank Kozik! This 3DRetro.com exclusive version is limited to 50 pieces and retails for $200. To enter, just head over to the contest section of the forum and post an original and creative picture (no random Google images!!) of classic little army men or army men like figures – deadline is September 23rd
  • What’s In Your Armodoc? Contest – Win a mystery prize by creating a unique picture, drawing, sculpture, or anything else that can fit in your Armodoc from OnellDesign.com! Deadline is in four weeks – check the Glyos section of the forum for complete details!


Retro Reviews

  • Warriors of Virtue – by Play Em – based on the movie characters form 1997
  • Centaurus – by Palisades – from the Micronauts Retro Series figures from 2002
  • X-Cop Ghost – by Kenner – part of the Haunted Humans line from the Real Ghostbusters cartoon
  • Teela – by Mattel & The Four Horsemen – from the 200x line of Masters of the Universe figures
  • Blackout – by Hasbro – one part of Bruticus Maximus from the Transformers Energon series