Episode 81 : Balls With A Capital B

6.17.09 – Episode 81 : Balls With A Capital B

Show Notes – This week we look at Alex Pardee’s Walrus Rider, Mellowtron, Obie the Alien Space Cadet by John McCormack and much more! Grab a bagel, top with cream cheese, and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff

  • Abraham Obama Bust Contest – 16″ gold version Abraham Obama Bust by Ron English, limited to 50 pieces, $200, brought to you by 3DRetro.com – to enter, head over to the forum and post a picture of yourself dressed up as your favorite president – be creative and submit a photo, drawing, photoshoped image, etc! – deadline is June 17th
  • Toy Break MP3 – use the “mp3” link above to download just the audio from this episode


  • Treeson and Other Stories Series 1 – by Crazy Label – 3″ blindbox figures are debuting at the Taipei Toy Festival in July – there are 8 figures in the series and will be about $9 each
  • Dragon Boy – by Sam Flores & Upper Playground – 10″ tall, three piece figure limited to 500 pieces – currently up for pre-order for $115
  • Ducksauce – by The Sucklord & DynomightNYC – 3.75″ custom figures limited to 35 pieces – available now for $35
  • Homeless Michael Myers – Rob Zombie recently posted pictures on his blog of this new action figure by Mezco based on Michael Myers from his upcoming H2 movie – no word on availability or price yet
  • No Little Big Planet Figures – Mezco recently announced the cancellation of the Little Big Planet Figures announced earlier this year at Toy Fair – no reasons were given
  • New Paper Totem! Designs – by Dolly Oblong – found over at PlasticandPlush.com, Dolly Oblong has several new Paper Totem! designs by several artists including Chobopop, Horrorwood, Ithinkp., Triclops, and more


  • Walrus Rider – by Alex Pardee – 11″, three-legged monster with two faced rider – limited to 500 pieces – $75
  • Mellowtron – by Jessie Vogel, Bill Brown, & Patrick Moberg – limited to 100 pieces, $35
  • Obie the Alien Space Cadet – by John McCormack & Devil’s Head Productions – 11″ figure in orange (400 pieces) or pink (80 pieces) – $60
  • Hordak – by Mattel – ninth figure from the Masters of the Universe Classics line – $20 – sold out


  • Choking Hazard – running concurrently with Print! Bomb! Show Me Your Munny! featuring printmakers, graffiti artists and custom vinyl toys, check out over 80 custom 1″ MiniGwins at Instinct Gallery in Des Moines, IA from June 13th
  • Dr. Sketchy’s – alternative life drawing for $10 at Medusa Lounge in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday June 21st from 7 to 10 pm