Episode 74 : Finally!

4.29.09 – Episode 74 : Finally!

Show Notes – We take a look at some Star Wars loot from Disneyland including Wicket and Boba Fett bobbleheads from Funko, a dress up Leia figure, plush Wicket and Boba Fett, a delicious blindbox, and much more! Pour a giant bowl of cereal and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff

  • Curster Custom Contest – win an incredible custom plush from Curster by taking a picture of you putting on your best Yeti face and post it in the contest section of our forum – need some inspiration? visit curster.com and check out their other plush customs – deadline is April 29th
  • Toy Break MP3 – use the “mp3” link above to download just the audio from this episode
  • The Neil Winn Project – design #3 has prevailed! Stay tuned as we chronicle the progress from design to finished resin piece!


  • Edward & Bella Barbies – by Mattel – no pictures yet, Pink Label Edward & Bella Barbie doll set of 2 dolls available for pre-order now for $53
  • Mighty Muggs – Hasbro seems to be planning to make Might Muggs exclusive to Toys R Us this Fall
  • Large Martin – by Ashley Wood – 1/6th scale figure (19.5″ tall) available now in three colorways: Big Red, Iron Panda, and the elusive Mr. Frosty – $300 including shipping
  • Rotocasted.com – recently launched designer toy database
  • Simpsons Stamps – The Simpsons will be commemorated on 44-cent First-Class Mail stamps designed by Matt Groening.



  • BotCon – Transformers convention featuring special guests, panels, a film fest, contests, and a sales room at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA from May 28th to May 31st