Episode 72 : Kat…The Other White Meat!

4.7.09 – Episode 72 : Kat…The Other White Meat!

Show Notes – This week we have Fresh Fruit from Anna Chambers, John McCain vinyl from John K., Star Wars Muppets, and much more! Order a pizza and kick back with us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff

  • Billy Syn Contest Winner – thank you to everyone who participated and thank you again to Nreazon for the great figures and contest!
  • Curster Custom Contest – win an incredible custom plush from Curster by taking a picture of you putting on your best Yeti face and post it in the contest section of our forum – need some inspiration? visit curster.com and check out their other plush customs – deadline is April 29th
  • Small Toy Break Download – just use the “small mp4” link above for a lower resolution, smaller version (320 x 240) of Toy Break at about half the size in megabytes
  • Toy Break MP3 – use the “mp3” link above to download just the audio from this episode
  • The Neil Winn Project – design #3 has prevailed! Stay tuned as we chronicle the progress from design to finished resin piece!


  • Blindboxed – new weekly web show and blog from the Albotas.com team all about designer toy culture
  • Lego City Fan’s Choice – vote now for one of three new Lego city themes – Lego and Toys R Us will create an exlusive set for the 2010 Lego City collection inspired by the winning theme – voting ends April 24th
  • Simpsons Improving Life for Kenyan Villagers – Craft Village UK is launching a new package design for its range of 12 hand-carved Simpsons ‘Stone Sculpts’ which are made exclusively in Tabaka and are about 4″ tall, each $70
  • Uberbot is Moving – designer toy store and art gallery Uberbot in Winter Park, Florida is moving to a new location – join them on April 11th for their last show at their current location which will feature new work by artist Terribly Odd as well as music inspired by his work
  • Luke Chueh Dunny? – last week Luke Chueh posted this image on his myspace page with the caption “Dunny Series 6”


  • Fresh Fruit – by Anna Chambers – plush green and red apples, each packaged in it’s own fruit case to ensure freshness – Happy Red (450 pcs), Happy Green (200 pcs), Sad Red (200 pcs), Sad Green (150 pcs) – $15
  • John McCain Vinyl Figure – by John Kricfalusi & ReelFX – John McCain rides in on a war mongering double-talk express of grenades, rifles and warheads – $30
  • Star Wars Muppet Figures – by Disney – six figure set includes Beaker as C-3PO, Fozzie as Chewbacca, Kermit as Luke Skywalker, Miss Piggy as Princess Leia, Gonzo as Darth Vader, Rizzo as Yoda – available at the theme parks for around $20


  • Humans Beware – I.W.G. custom show featuring over 70 artists at Rocketworld in San Francisco, CA from April 10th to June 6th
  • The Resin Collective – hand-cast figures from around the globe at Red Hot Robot in Phoenix, AZ from April 11th to May 9th
  • Fangoria Weekend Of Horrors – a ghoulish gathering of horror related guests, exhibitors, and events at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA from April 17 to April 19
  • It Came From Skullbrain – featuring Japanese toy inspired photography and customs by dozens of artists such as Bob Conge, DrilOne, Kill!, Reactor88, OsirisOrion, Lou Pimentel, Jesse Hernandez, and lots more at Super7 in San Francisco, CA opening April 18th
  • Mini Munny Mobile Parties – visit any Kidrobot store or participating retailer on April 19th for your free mini Munny mobile to design yourself, decorating materials will be provided