Episode 70 : Lucky Draw

3.23.09 – Episode 70 : Lucky Draw

Show Notes – This week we have Mechtorians by Doktor A, Star Wars Comic Packs by Hasbro, Bertie the Pipebomb by Ashley Wood, the kick off to the Neil Winn Project, and much more! Order up some extra crunchy french toast (covered in frosted flakes) and join us for a Toy Break!

* The awesomest thing happened at the 13:27 mark!

Toy Break Stuff

  • Billy Syn Contest – two lucky winners will each win a hand made, hand cast, hand painted Billy Syn figure by Nreazon! To enter, check out the Where’s Billy? image, then leave a comment with number of Billy’s you find – deadline is April 1st
  • Small Toy Break Download – just use the “small mp4” link above for a lower resolution, smaller version (320 x 240) of Toy Break at about half the size in megabytes
  • Toy Break on Blip.tv – reminder to update your Flash player to fully enjoy watching Toy Break on Blip.tv!


  • VinylAddiction.tv – new show hosted by artist Jesse Hernandez all about the Designer Toys and the Urban Vinyl Movement featuring behind the scenes interviews with artists, companies, collectors, and show coverage
  • Plastic and Plush Exclusive Pierce and Nathan – by Jared Deal – Plastic and Plush exclusive green Pierce and Nathan figures, limited to 50 pieces, available now with print for $75
  • Vinylmation Urban Series 1 – by Disney – 12 more designs for the 3″ Vinylmation figures were just released – $10 each at Disney parks
  • The Neil Winn Project – vote for your favorite design and watch as we chronicle the progress from design to finished resin piece – vote in the Toy Break forum by April 1st


  • Mechtorians – by Doktor A & MINDstyle – series 1 includes six 3.5″ figures: Stephan LePodd, D.J. Gramo, Mr. Head, Scuttler The Butler, Sentry Wheel & Sir Shilling – $15 each
  • Star Wars Comic Packs – by Hasbro – Ewoks Keoulkeech, Machook, Kettch – $12
  • Bertie the Pipe Bomb – by Ashley Wood, Big Shot Toy Works & Three Zero – George sat down with Ben from 3DRetro.com to take a look at Bertie the Pipe Bomb


  • Custom Mutt Show – group show featuring lots of custom Mutts at APW Gallery in New York City, NY starting April 3rd
  • Humans Beware – I.W.G. custom show featuring over 70 artists at Rocketworld in San Francisco, CA from April 10th to June 6th
  • The Resin Collective – hand-cast figures from around the globe at Red Hot Robot in Phoenix, AZ from April 11th to May 9th