Episode 44 : The Boz

8.19.08 – Episode 44 : The Boz

Show Notes – Kick back while we take a look at Alpha Ultimate by Michael Kwong, Unicornasaurus by Joe Ledbetter, ZOMBIE by October Toys, news, blindvelope, and more! Thank you for taking a Toy Break with us!

* Have you tried Nilla Cakesters yet? OMG so good! Go have some now!

Toy Break Stuff

  • Saddest Devil Contest – Win a pink version of Toby Dutkiewicz’s Saddest Devil! Post a picture of you throwing some great devil horns in the forum! – deadline is August 20th
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  • Dunny Series 5 – by Kidrobot – 19 new designs coming September 4th – $7 each
  • Charm City Cakes Minimates – by Diamond Select Toys – limited Duff Goldman figure available exclusively through Charm City Cakes in Baltimore
  • Darkwing Duck Statue – by Electric Tiki – 6″ tall statue – available for pre-order for $99.99
  • G.I. Joe Mighty Muggs – by Hasbro – coming this November, wave 1 includes Duke, Cobra Commander, Snake Eyes, and Storm Shadow – pre-order for $45
  • Charm City Cakes Minimates – by Diamond Select Toys – limited Duff Goldman figure available exclusively through Charm City Cakes in Baltimore
  • Batman Cosbabies – by Hot Toys & DC Comics – 3″ tall set includes Batman (classic and modern versions), Robin, Joker, Two-Face, Catwoman, and Batgirl (plus secret version) – coming out late 2008
  • Yeti Guy Set – by nevermore & Patch Together – 5″ tall Yetis will be available in Brown, White, and Pink and limited to 300 pieces of each color – pre-order now for $80
  • Mini Skully – by Urban Warfair – series 1 has 3 versions including Skully OG (limited to 100 pieces, $20 each), Crazy8 (limited to 88 pieces, $20 each), and Skully Fruit (limited to 50 pieces, $25 each) – white or black DIY version for $10


  • Special Edition Alpha Ultimate – by Michael Kwong – 8″ tall figure – 100 pieces were available at the Taipei Toy Festival
  • Unicornasaurus – by Joe Ledbetter & Kidrobot – 8″ tall vinyl figure available in Gray and Orange versions – $40
  • Z.O.M.B.I.E. – by October Toys – Series 1 includes five zombies: School Girl, Rockabilly, Bathtime, School Boy, and the Ape – 2″ tall and available in toxic green, pale blue, glow-in-the-dark, and white – $5 per set


  • Crazy 4 Cult 2
    – over 100 artists reinterpreting classic cult films at Gallery 1988 Los Angeles from August 22nd to September 12th

  • Lily: The Littlest Cannibal – this toy launch and solo exhibition with TADO marks the release of TADO’s Cannibal Funfair minifigure series and 7-inch vinyl collectible, produced by Kidrobot – at Magic Pony Gallery in Toronto, Canada on August 28th
  • Bumrush The Custom Show – collection of custom Bumrushs from artists such as Erick Scarecrow, Suckadelic, Motorbot, and many more beginning in late August in Arizona – more details to come
  • Early Reminder for Winter VTN – mark your calendars for holiday toys and fun at the Winter Vinyl Toy Network which will be a two day event on December 6th & 7th