Episode 4 : Stuff

2.12.07 – Episode 4 : Stuff

Show Notes – Hail and well met! This will be the only Toy Break for February because we’re off to Toy Fair and New York Comic Con! So we packed Episode 4 full with a recap of Plush Week 2 at Gallery 1988, artist interview with Queenie from Pocketfullofposiez.com, Gimp Bunny, CI Boys, tokidoki’s Moofia, Danger Mouse, and a famous Matt rant as well as more toy news and fun! We have also been working to improve our sound, so enjoy and thanks for taking a Toy Break with us!


  • Hasbro Contest Winner – We have a winner for the Hasbro contest and want to thank everyone who participated!
  • playtimes-magazine.com – We flip through Playtimes vol. 2 issue 8 which features a cover by and interview with Dalek.
  • cluttermagazine.com – We also take a look at Clutter issue 9, the Wheaty Wheat issue.
  • Full Vinyl – An awesome new book filled with great toy photos and interesting articles and essays concerning designer vinyl and the surrounding culture.
  • Previews – As of the February issue, Previews is featuring a designer toy section worth checking out.
  • Customtoylab.com – A new website showcasing custom toys – great for fans and artists alike!
  • Boba Fett – by Medicom – 12″ Boba Fett figure was available for pre-order from Sideshow and sold out – watch ebay for this one!
  • Optimash Prime – by Hasbro – a new variant of the classic Mr. Potato Head figure coming out soon
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas – McFarlane aquires license for classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas figures
  • Peacemakers CI Boys – by Red Style – new line of Wolrd War I inspired CI Boys available on redmagicstyle.com for $125 per case or $150 per case with a tank
  • 3D Movie Posters – by McFarlane – series 2 includes Rocky, Robocop, Rocky Horror Picture Show and is coming out early 2007
  • Marvel Milestones Spider-man & Mary Jane Statue – sculpted by Rudy Garcia – limited to 2000 pieces – SRP $125 – check for it in the March issue of Previews
  • Marvel Legends Wave 2 – by Hasbro – Second wave of Marvel Legends including Yellow Jacket, She-Hulk, Thor, Ultimate Wolverine, Quicksilver, X3 Juggernaut, Jean Grey, and Xorn – $
  • octane3.com – Octane3.com features lots of great toys and currently has some interesting custom plush available


  • Plush Week 2 – we recap the opening night of Plush Week 2 at Gallery 1988
  • Moofia – by tokidoki – blind boxed milk cartons – $6.99 at 3dretro.com and tenacioustoys.com
  • Danger Mouse – by Concept 2 Creation – 6 statues including: Dangermouse Car, Colonel K, Boom, Greenback & Nero, Stiletto, Frog’s Head Flyer – from 14.99 to 33.99 pounds ~ $20 – $45
  • Metal Masters CI Boys – by Red Magic – $7.95 at rotofugi.com
  • Gimp Bunny – by Pocti Toy Design – custom plush by Serena Kuhl
  • Spoka – rechargable night lights in 3 different ghosty shapes – $12.99 at Ikea
  • Tiny Plastics Series 1 – from Kingdom Of Loathing – set of 4 resin figures from the game including: sabre tooth lime, bugbear, baby gravy fairy, and gnauga – $25/set at store.asymmetric.net

Feature – Interview with Queenie

  • Queenie – Matt interviews Queenie from Pocketfullofposiez.com
  • New Contest – We announce a new contest which involves posting your opinion in the Toy Break forum. One winner will be chosen at random around March 5th.
  Feature Site – Pocketfullofposiez.com


  • My Pal, Sookie La La – Solo show by Hello, Brute (aka Jon Knox Griffin) at Rotofugi in Chicago, IL from Feb. 2-24
  • For the Love of Munny – Opening reception Saturday February 3rd at 7 pm at the Bear & Bird Gallery inside Tate’s Comics in Lauderhill, Florida.
  • Toy Fair – Feb. 11-14 at the Javits Center in New York City
  • New York Comic Con – Feb. 23-25 at the Javits Center in New York City
  • Higher Court – Featuring art by Huck Gee, Doktor A, Sket One, Mimic, and PlaysKewl on the 2nd floor of the Tobacco Factory in Bristol, England from Mar. 4 – April 4
  • Munny Shot – Collection of customized Munnies will be judged and raffled for charity concurrently with Higher Court at the Tobacco Factory in Bristol, England
  • By Popular Demand -Also featuring works by Huck Gee, Doktor A, Sket One, Mimic, and Playskewl, this show opens March 5-31