Episode 37 : In A Row?

5.26.08 – Episode 37 : In A Row?

Show Notes – In honor of the new Indiana Jones movie, we’ve got some new and old Indiana Jones toys as well as Mookie from Jon Schiller’s Little 9 characters, news, shiny blind box opening, and more! Thanks for joining us for another Toy Break!

* Did you see Indiana Jones yet?

Toy Break Stuff


  • X Games Figure – by Tristan Eaton – 6″ tall, limited edition re-imagining of the ultimate X Games athlete – retails for around $50 – watch your favorite toy sites for availability
  • Chibo – by Chi-Kit Kwong – 50 characters with 10 secret characters in this line – first 5 characters coming in July, followed by 5 new characters every two months – price is still to be determined
  • House of Liu Shaolin Monks – by VeggieSomething & Crazy Label – 6″ Shaolin Monks will come in two editions: the Elder Disciple (Gray Edition, limited to 100 pieces) and the Student (Orange Edition, limited to 700 pieces) – available in July
  • Watchmen Toys – by DC Direct – 6 3/4″ action figures of Nite Owl, Ozymandias, Rorschach, and Silk Spectre – pre-order now for about $55, available in January 2009 – also 1/6th scale Dr. Manhattan figure will be unveiled at San Diego Comic Con 2008 and sell for about $100
  • Metalocalypse Action Figures – by Shocker Toys – 5 1/2″ tall San Diego Comic Con exclusive set features fully painted action figures of Dethklok, the band from Adult Swims Metalocalypse – pre-order now for $85
  • Exclusive 8″ Qees – by Frank Kozik & Toy2R – two 8″ Frank Kozik Qees will be Toy2R San Diego Comic Con exclusives, each limited to 100 pieces


  • Indiana Jones Adventure Heroes – by Hasbro – first series has 6 sets of two figures each for $5.99
  • Indiana Jones – by Hasbro – 3 3/4″ action figures widely available for about $6.99
  • Mookie – by Jon Schiller – one of the Little 9 cast of characters created by Jon Schiller, 8″ plush for $9.99 and the larger 17″ plush version for $21.99


  • Nanasaru – one day only Kaiju popup store from Super 7 and Munky King at Munky King on Melrose in Los Angeles, CA on May 31st from 12 pm to 7 pm
  • Raiders of the Lost Art – group show featuring original art pieces, vinyl and plush by dozens of artists including Suckadelic, Plasticgod, Plaseebo, NiceBunny, and many more at Capsole in Los Angeles, CA from May 31st to June 30th – also, Sideshow Collectibles is sponsoring an auction with the proceeds going to benefit the Down Syndrome Association of LA
  • Welcome to the Retropolis – Doktor A solo show featuring original paintings as well as a few custom plus a limited edition print at Rivet Gallery in Columbus, OH from June 7th to June 30th
  • Where Madness Reigns – Gris Grimly book release and signing at Halloween Town on Juny 7th at 7pm