Episode 343 : Overusing It

2.3.15 – Episode 343 : Overusing It

Show Notes – Join us for Willo, Geoffrey and Brighton, Bebop and Rocksteady, and much more! Grab a giant bag of peanut M&Ms and and join us for a Toy Break!


  • Evolution Goliath – by Mystical Warriors of the Ring – metallic emerald green Glyos compatible PVC figure – $6


  • Koppu no Fuchiko – by Katsuki Tanaka (sent to us by Fig-Lab.com)



  • 24 Hour Toy Break – we will be broadcasting live with guests, artists, and goodies for auction from 5 pm PST February 6th to 5pm on the 7th
  • (In)Action Figures 3 – group custom show at Clutter Gallery in Beacon, NY opening February 14th