Episode 34 : Funerer!

4.14.08 – Episode 34 : Funerer!

Show Notes – Grab a seat while we take a look at Konjoined Kitty by Michael Shupback, Incredible MD from Kaching Brands, tons of NYCC exclusives coming up, events, and more! Toy-Break-tastic*!

* Yeah, it’s a real word!

Toy Break Stuff

  • DIY Mate Contes Winner – nadtown! Congratulations and thank you to everyone who submitted your poems – they amused us greatly!
  • Mr. Muggles & Slap Happy Contest – win Mr. Muggles & Slap Happy White Edition 3DRetro.com exclusive – just go to the contest section of forum and post the name of a famous dog – no repeats! – deadline is May 7
  • Small Toy Break Download – just use the “small mp4” link above for a lower resolution, smaller version (320 x 240) of Toy Break at about half the size in megabytes
  • Toy Break on Blip.tv – reminder to update your Flash player to fully enjoy watching Toy Break on Blip.tv!
  • Toy Break Live! – we will be streaming live from the Vinyl Toy Network Spring Show on May 4th most of the show (10 am to 4 pm PST)! Go get your blind boxes and join us in our first ever live blind box opening! So far we will be opening: Chumps, French Dunny Series, and Ninja Town Micro Plush.


  • NYCC StrangeCo Exclusives – these will be available at the myplasticheart booth #866
    • Platinum Edition Sandy – This super limited release of the Platinum Sandy figure will be made available at the beginning of the Simone Legno signing at the MPH booth (#866) Friday 4.18 3-5PM
    • New Moofia Blind Box Figures – 3 new blind boxed figures
    • Bird God Glow Edition – only a few of these special edition Glow Bird God by Amos Toys will be available
    • Mainframe White Edition – This figure is only available at special events
    • Night Edition Arkski – This is the debut of the Night edition Arkski figurewhich follows the Midnight edition Bennzi and Naal.
    • Raging, Drinking and Smoking Luey in Green – In beautiful olive green, Luey will be available in Raging, Drinking and Smoking versions
  • NYCC Adfunture Exclusives – these will be available at the myplasticheart booth #866
    • Shawnimals Vinyl Wee Sticker – This is the debut of the vinyl version of the classic Wee Sticker plush figure by Shawnimals. Only a limited number will be available at NYCC, but you can get them at both the myplasticheart booth or the Shawnimals booth (#1057)
    • Perk Pioneers – A new 3.5 inch blind box series by Shanghai duo Perk
    • Buka Chinese Design Series – New series of Buka designed by Chinese designers Tong Yan, Zhang Sheng, Tim Tsui, Jukai, Mr. Box, Suzzy of Pen Crew, Zhark, Susie Zhang and Yiyi
  • Old Skool Kaiju – by Erick Scarecrow – first figure, Ultra Dizign, from the Old Skool Kaiju line – this one is limited to 350 pieces, $69.99, and comes with a print at the NYCC Esc-Toy booth #861
  • Bigshot Toyworks at NYCC – visit them at booth # 949 to check out Mike Burnett’s DIY Neighborwood figures which may be available for $45 — also check out Bertie the Pipebomb which is a 14″ tall robot with 46 points of articulation and comes in 3 colors (Desert Rat Standard 500 pieces, Dirty Deeds Standard 500 pieces, and Bloody Dirty Deeds 50 pieces), priced between $275 and $300
  • Sleepy Time Dookie Poo – by Chaotic Unicorn – NYCC exclusive glow-in-the-dark version of Dookie Poo limited to 200 pieces for $30 each will be at the Chaotic Unicorn booth #2354
  • NYCC Exclusive Peleda – by Nathan Jurevicius & Toy Tokyo – NYCC exclusive version of the windup Peleda limited to 200 pieces at Toy Tokyo booth #858
  • Underwater Carnivorous Giraffe – by Amanda Visell – resin figure with matching print available at DKE Toys booth at the VTN show on May 4th, limited to 25 pieces
  • Golden Idol Mighty Mugg – by Hasbro – this is a peek at the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Golden Idol Mighty Mugg from jedidefender.com


  • Konjoined Kitty – by Michael Schupbach – 7″ tall, 9″ wide, one kute, one kranky, $25
  • Incredible MD – by Toby HK & Kaching Brands – 12″ vinyl figure, limited to 300 pieces, $100


  • Some Stuff I Made – solo show featuring 10″ custom Mad*Ls by Mad himself at the myplasticheart LES store in New York City, NY on April 17th
  • New York Comic Con – at the Javits Center in New York City from April 18th to 20th
  • Shut Up and Kiss Me – canvas & giant plush work by Pachy Sarmiento and the unveiling of new PinkyPunk designs at Pink Ghost in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on April 19th
  • The Soopa Show – group show featuring over 30 custom Soopas (figure by Erick Scarecrow) at Concrete Jungle in Forest Hills, NY on April 19th
  • Jam & Custard – launch event for the new Droplet toy from JamFactory & Crazy Label at Go Go Plastic! in Bermingham, England on May 2nd
  • Don’t Cry Over Spilt Vinyl – Pravus Gallery in Phoenix, AZ on May 2nd and May 16th
  • Down the Bunny Hole – a custom 10″ labbit group show at Rivet Gallery in Columbus, OH from May 3rd to May 31st
  • Spring Vinyl Toy Network – at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA on May 4th from 10 am to 4 pm – we will also be streaming Toy Break live most of the day at toybreak.com/live