Episode 335 : Dunder Chief

12.2.14 – Episode 335 : Dunder Chief

Show Notes – Matt Doughty and Marc Beaudette from Onell Design join us for Crashlings, Chewbacca, and much more! Grab a double double and and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff

  • Oreion Contest – win a red Oreion from Magitarius by heading to the contest section on the forum and post your drawing of an alien – deadline is December 3rd
  • Onell Design – Marc Beaudette and Matt Doughty – toy makers and creators of the Glyos System – also check out Marc’s band Destroy Babylon and on Twitter @destroybabylon


  • Revenge Of SUCKLE – by DKE Toys & Sucklord – second wave of Sucklord mini figures – Kickstarter ends December 4th

Blind Box


  • Star Wars Black Chewbacca – by Hasbro – 7″ action figure – $20
  • Crashlings – by Wicked Cool Toys – Meteor Mutants From Outer Space – approximately 1″ tall mini figures with over 150 different characters and playsets
  • Mystical Warriors of the Ring – by Fantastic Plastic – Glyos compatible animal wrestler mini figures