Episode 279 : The Matt Jones Episode

10.1.13 – Episode 279 : The Matt Jones Episode

Show Notes – Ben is here for Walking Duds, Art Pass, My Little Pony, and much more! Unwrap a Hershey’s with almonds and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff

  • Brobo Mumu Contest – from Brobo.com – to enter, just head to the forum and post a picture of your favorite monster! – deadline is October 16th


  • Designer Wallet – by Nathan Hamill & Dynomighty – it needs 30 backers within 30 days to be produced – $15
  • Custom King Negora – by Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co – one off exclusive King Negora with a red, orange, and blue paint – $175 – available at SubUrban Vinyl booth 208 as part of the Tenacious Collective at NYCC
  • Mountain Dew Bunny Boom Boom – by Jfury – exclusive Mountain Dew colorway of 4″ tall, 6″ wide resin figures, limited to 10 pieces, $65 – available at SubUrban Vinyl booth 208 at NYCC
  • Tuttz Mini – Cracked Cats – by Argonaut Resins – these exclusive resin figures are limited to 12 pieces with three glow-in-the-dark chase pieces – exclusively available at SubUrban Vinyl Booth 208 at NYCC
  • Teal Philipe the Bunny – by Juan Muniz & JFury – 3″ clear real resin figures limited to 10 pieces, $30 at SubUrban Vinyl booth 208 at NYCC
  • Minions of Dorkness – by SubUrban Vinyl & Scott Kinnebrew aka Forces of Dorkness – 2 editions available at the SubUrban Vinyl booth 208 at NYCC – each version limited to 10 sets of each head sculpt plus 2 mystery colors for each sculpt – heads and tentacles are interchangeable using a magnet system – 5″ figures will be $30
  • The Ewoking Dead – by Killer Bootlegs – flocked resin action figures with hand-sewn cloaks – limited to 50 copies on a card back designed by Luke Yates – $80 at Tenacious Toys’s NYCC Booth #208
  • The Clutter Calaverita – by The Beast Brothers – 5″ pink sofubi Calaverita’s, limited to 30 pieces, $70 at Clutter’s Booth 504 at NYCC
  • The Furry Cup – by Clutter x Matt JOnes – 2.5″ white flocked tea cup houses a vinyl Lunartik in Clutter’s signature pink – limited to 200 signed and numbered pieces (100 in US at Clutter’s booth, 100 online for U.K. release) – $30 / £20 – releasing at 10AM on Friday, October 11th at Clutter’s NYCC Booth 504 and at 3PM GMT at Lunartik.com for the U.K. market
  • Denbu & Rexy – by Leesasaur – three versions of this 5.25″ hand-crocheted Denbu (design by Abe Lincoln Jr.) will be available, each limited to 6 pieces for $45 each – also 4.25″ Rexy the dinosaur will be $40 – both available at myplasticheart booth 113 at NYCC
  • Star Wars-inspired “Zora” – by Frombies – 6″ tall “Darth Zora” and the 9″ tall “S2B2!” as well as “Chosen Zora”, “DJ Zora”, and “Robo Zora” pieces will be available at Frombie’s booth 609 at NYCC as well as two new “Mechy Pang” versions “Astro” and “Toxic!” and new limited edition pins
  • White Star Edition Outer Space Men – by The Four Horsemen – wave 6 & 7 will be $35 each and individual figures range from $11 to $16 – available at the Onell Design booth on Saturday and for sale online the Monday following the convention



  • My Little Pony Pop – by Funko – Twilight Sparkle – $10
  • Art Pass Series 5 – by Lunartik – series features artists Jim Woodring, Matt JOnes (aka Lunartik), Simone Legno, Jon Burgerman, Sarah & Den Billy, Pablo Ientile, un-plugged, and Jeff Lamm – £3 each
  • Chip & Dale Ewoks – by Disney – plush Chip & Dale dressed as Ewoks – $28
  • Walking Dud – created & originally sculpted by Adam Smith (co-owner of True Cast Studio), ultra violence sculpting by Jason Frailey, production by Josh Edwards/True Cast Studio, collaboration and promotion by THEGODBEAST – 3 different sizes of the “Walking Dud” include 2″ mini rubber figure ($15), 4″ mini articulated rubber figure (4 points of articulation – $35-$75), and full sized 7″ rubber figure (5 points of articulation – $75-$150) – making their first full debut at NYCC at the Onell Design Booth
  • Improbable Cast – Ahren Gauthier from Improbable Cast gives us the low down on mercury content in toys


  • Brick Con – check out thousands of Lego models on display at the Seattle Center in Seattle, WA October 5th and 6th
  • Baby Tattooville – join dozens of artists for an exclusive, one of a kind weekend at the Mission Inn in Riverside, CA October 4th to 6th
  • New York Comic Con – the East Coast’s biggest pop culture conventionat the Javits Center in New York City October 10th throug 13th
  • “XAM” Paint Class – come paint your own XAM figure from Max Toy Co. with the pros for a day on October 26th at Monster Kolor Studios in Middleboro, MA for $99