Episode 268 : Brick Nerd

7.9.13 – Episode 268 : Brick Nerd

Show Notes – Brick Nerd Tommy Williamson joins us for Bones, Droid Factory, Mystical Warriors of the Ring, and much more! Find your favorite fries and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff


  • BrickNerd.com Launch – by Tommy Williamson – to celebrate the launch of this his new blog (nerdy about the bricks), you can win an exclusive Nerdly desktop Lego model! For a chance to win, just leave a comment on his flickr, follow BrickNerd on Twitter, and/or like BrickNerd on Facebook – it’s that easy!
  • The Ningyo – by Miguel Ortega & Tran Ma (the team behind the Green Ruby Pumpkin video) – this 1909 period film about cryptozoology is up on Kickstarter now through July 24th

Countdown To Comic Con

  • SDCC Yellow & Blue OMFG Series 2 & Baby Deadbeets – from October Toys (booth 4951) – exclusive SDCC header – OMFG are $10 per set and Baby Deadbeets are $4 per set
  • Toy Break Presents Indie Toy Secrets – join us for our first Toy Break panel at SDCC with panelists George Gaspar, Scott Tolleson, H. Eric ‘Cornboy’ Mayse, and Jay Garcia. Moderated by Ayleen Gaspar – Thursday from 8-9pm Room 32AB
  • S.H. Figuarts Power Rangers Super Samurai Metallic Coating Deluxe Action Figure Set – includes Red Ranger in Super form as well as Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pink Rangers – $200
  • The New 52 Superman Super Alloy Figure – by DC – 12″ action figure – SDCC version has interchangable head with angered expression and three Kryptonian crystals – available at Yes Anime booth 4729
  • Batman By Jim Lee Super Alloy Figure – by DC – 12″ action figure with more than 50 points of articulation – SDCC version has matte gun-metal finish on body, interchangable head with angered expression, and interchangable hands/fists – available at Yes Anime booth 4729
  • Super7 Exclusives – Ghostland Monoghost Underworld Figure 9″ vinyl figure $65 – Micro 2 Pack Rose Vampire & Mummy Boy Blind Bagged Sets 1.5″ tall vinyl figures $20 per set – Mascot DX Mummy Gator Creamy Filling Figure 6″ orange and gid swirled vinyl figure $50 – Monster Family Caveman Dinosaur Prehistoric Punch 4″ textured green vinyl figure $35 – Honoo Nightfire – Leecifer’s little Honoo vinyl will be available in orange and gid swirled vinyl – Leroy C Pink Passion translucent pink vinyl figure with silver glitter – Zagaturd Super Misty Bros this mash up of Le Merde’s Turd with Gargemel’s Zagard will be available with an orange swirl head and blue gid body $35 – Fossilla Raids Again 9″ goopy green vinyl figure $95 – Zombie Fighter Mixed Up Massacre from Super7 & Secret Base 6″ vinyl $65 – Monster Family Doku Duo Orange Fizz 4″ translucent glitter-filled orange vinyl figure $35 – Monster Family Little Prick Late Night 4″ purple vinyl figure $35 – Pocket Sized Rose Vampire Tangerine Terror 3″ translucent orange vinyl figure $25 – Pocket Sized Baseball Boy Padres Tribute 3″ vinyl figure in classic or modern color scheme $25 – all available at Super 7 Booth 5245
  • Shredder Action Figure – by Playmates & Nickelodeon – 5.75″ limited edition action figure with vacuum metallized razor-sharp armor and helmet – $32 at booth 4113
  • Green Dragon Ranger – by Bandai America – 4″ Power Ranger figure in full metallic paint, limited to 500 pieces at booth 2813
  • Battle Beasts – each morning of the con, Diamond Select Toys wil be giving away a translucent purple version of the new Battle Beast figure Shadow Merk at booth 2607
  • Death Serpent Southern Edition – by Jesse Hernandez & Kuso Vinyl -9″ vinyl figure limited to 90 pieces for $110 each at Kuso Vinyl booth 5642
  • Deathshead Charcoal Grey – by David Flores & BAIT – 10″ vinyl figure for $100 each as BAIT booth 4632
  • Ghost Pirate Bunny – by Joe Ledbetter & The Loyal Subjects – 10″ vinyl glow-in-the-dark figure on jumbo blister pack – limited to 300 pieces – $125 each at The Loyal Subjects booth 5645
  • Playge Green Misfortune Cat – by Ferg & Rotofugi – 8″ figure limited to 100 pieces for $120 each at the Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi booth 5248
  • Glow-In-the-Dark Double Cast Skeleton Raaar! – by Dynamite Rex – 3″ resin figure limited to 50 pieces at Dragatomi booth 5350
  • The Adolescent Hyperactive Ninja Monkey – by Hyperactive Monkey, sculpted by Squid Kids Ink, produced by Mana Studios – 5″ tall resin figure – limited to 45 pieces – $70 each at Hyperactive Monkey booth 5644
  • Flat Wooper – by Gary Ham & Flat Bonnie -10″ plush for $45 at booth 5139
  • Bodega – by kaNO & Flying Fortress – DeKorner exclusive version of kaNO’s vinyl Bodega figure limited to 100 pieces for $55 at Kuso Vinyl booth 5642
  • ESC Toys Exclusives – Mini Smoke Soopa by Erick Scarecrow 3″ figure limited to 10 pieces $20 – Camspill Goffy by Monster Kolor & Erick Scarecrow 3″ custom viny figures limited to 6 pieces $50 – PS Bot Blue by Erick Scarecrow 7″ figure limited to 6 pieces $300 – MK Drake by Monster Kolor & Erick Scarecrow 7″ custom figure limited to 9 pieces $125 – Alien Cuss by Erick Scarecrow 3″ custom figures limited to 6 pieces $75 – S. Maria Redomi by Scarecrow 3″ custom figure limited to 12 pieces $200 – all at Dragatomi booth 5350



  • Bones – by Reaper Miniatures – unpainted 25mm Heroic Scale Fantasy Miniatures
  • Droid Factory – by Disney – build-a-droid action figure bar at the park
  • Transforming Collections – by Philip Reed – introduction book to third party Transformers toys and accessories – $25
  • Mystical Warriors of the Ring – by Fantastic Plastic Toys – resin 1.5″ – 2″ mini figure animal wrestlers – Windy City Wreckage Set includes Ulric Wolfrom the Wolf and Goliath the Crocodile, 3 art cards, ladder, custom wrestling ring, and an event ticket – $50


  • Blue Collar Toy Show – group show featuring plush, resin, customs, and 2D art in the Bryce Studio at Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket, RI July 13th & 14th
  • Toy Burst – a group exhibition featuring vinyl, resin, and plush customs by dozens of artists at Redefine Gallery in Orlando, FL July 18th to August 8th
  • San Diego Comic Con – comic and popular art convention at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA July 18th through 21st
  • Munky King Party At SDCC – the 6th annual Munky King SDCC Party on Thursday July 18th from 9pm to 1 am will feature a Versus art battle, with emcee Spanky Stokes and six teams of two will go head to head for the title of Versus Art Battle Champion of SDCC 2013
  • Cardiff Tattoo & Toy Con – meet toy artists such as Doktor A, A Little Stranger, UME Toys, The Hang Gang, and many more at Mercure Holland House Hotel in Cardiff, Wales July 20th & 21st