Episode 266 : Take Two!

6.25.13 – Episode 266 : Take Two!

Show Notes – Nate and Linda (aka Squid Kids Ink) show off their SDCC exclusives and we look at Mordles, Baseball Boy, and much more! Build your own burger and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff


  • Club Eternia 2014 – subscriptions are now available with monthly or quartly shipping options
  • S.U.C.K.L.E. Mini Figs – by Sucklord & DKE Toys – support this new line of Simply Unimportant Collectable Kitschy Little Eyesores and get all 10 figs in series 1 for only $20 – ends July 16th
  • Slender Man Plush – by Nevermore Toys – check out this Kickstarter campaign now and pledge for your own 32″ plush version of the mythical Slender Man – ends July 21st
  • AwesomeToyBlog.com – tons of exclusive toy listing for SDCC 2013
  • 2013 SDCC Official Exclusives Page – almost 200 exclusives from almost 50 companies

Countdown To Comic Con

  • SDCC Yellow & Blue OMFG Series 2 & Baby Deadbeets – from October Toys (booth 4951) – exclusive SDCC header – OMFG are $10 per set and Baby Deadbeets are $4 per set
  • Toy Break Presents Indie Toy Secrets – Learn how some of today’s leading independent toy designers have taken their ideas from concept to production and beyond. Join us to find out how action figures, mini figures, plush characters, and resin collectibles come to life with the help of veteran toy makers George Gaspar (October Toys), Scott Tolleson (Stolle Art), H. Eric ‘Cornboy’ Mayse (The Four Horsemen), and Jay Garcia (MANA Studios). Moderated by Ayleen Gaspar (Toy Break). – Thursday from 8-9pm Room 32AB
  • Outer Space Men White Star Edition – by The Four Horsemen – variant of the infinity edition includes Astro-Nautilus, Metamorpho, Inferno, Xodiac, Mystron, Commander Comet, Alpha 7, and Electron+ – at Action Figure Xpress booth 3345
  • Creature From The Black Lagoon – by Mezco – two exclusive versions of this 9″ classic Universal Monster will be available from Mezco booth 3445 – Black & White and Glow-In-The-Dark – each limited to 100 pieces – $60 each
  • Icon Heroes Exclusives – Thundercats set of 5 Minimates limited to 3,000 pieces for $22 – Masters of the Universe 10″ He-Man Mini Bust Paperweight based on the 1980’s Filmation tv series limited to 500 pieces for $60 – Masters of the Universe Faker Power Sword Letter Opener limited to 600 pieces for $20 – at AFX booth 3345
  • Cloaked Klingon Bird of Prey – by Diamond Select – this fully cloaked ship is made of transparent plastic with all of the electronics removed and measures 12″ long with a 19″ wingspan – limited to 200 pieces at booth 2607
  • Luckitty Pon Prosperity Edition – by Rotobox – this 3″ red version is limited to 100 pieces for $10 each – Kuso Vinyl booth 5642
  • Bomb Cat – by Anthony Ausgang & Munky King (sculpted by Dave Pressler) – this all black figure with chain and wick accessory will be available at Munky King booth 4950
  • The Hobbit Orc Commander Azog Figure – by The Bridge Direct – this 7″ figure comes with interchangeable hands – limited to 2,600 pieces – at booth 3513B
  • Black Series Boba Fett – by Hasbro – 6″ scale Boba Fett with Han Solo in carbonite – $45
  • Star Wars Vintage Packaging Angry Birds – by Hasbro – set of 12 original Star Wars characters Angry Birds style on vintage blister cards including Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Chewbacca, R2-D2, C-3PO, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Sand People, Imperial Navy Commander, and a Jawa – $25
  • Man of Steel Movie Masters – by DC – battle two pack of Superman versus General Zod with sound effects and heat vision button on Superman – $50
  • Man of Steel Icon Statue – by DC – 1:6 scale Icon Statue with black version of Superman’s suit – $130 at Graphitti Designs booth 2315
  • Black Light Magic UAMOU – by UAMOU & Rampage Toys – will be available at Dragatomi booth 5350
  • PickleBaby – by Leecifer – this 8″ Japanese vinyl figures will be abailable at Dragatomi booth 5350
  • Hoot & Hush – by Coarse Toys & Rotofugi – 3.5″ vinyl mini figure owls – $13 each at Rotofugi booth 5248
  • ALIEN ReAction Figures – by Super7 – pre-order ALIEN ReAction figures set of five figures including The Alien, Ripley, Ash, Dallas, and Kane for the early bird price of $100 – 2 Pack of unpainted 3 3/4″ “Discovered Sales Samples” Big Chap & Kane for $40 – Alien ReAction figure bases available for free – all at Super7 booth 5245



  • Mini 10-Doh! – by Squid Kids Ink – visit them at SDCC booth 5150 to grab their gold SDCC exclusive Mini 10-Doh! as well as several other exclusive versions by Eternal Darkness, David Horvath, and Ragnar and regular series 2 figures
  • Kawaii Crush – by Spin Master – collect adorable characters like Katie Cat Meow Meow and Zoey boey Fru Fru along with their super cute pets and accessories
  • Mordles – by Toyfinity – relaunch of mini figues from Rocks and Bugs and Things line from the 1980’s
  • Baseball Boy – by Super7 – Haight Street exclusive – $25


  • Deadbeet Group Show – group show of custom vinyl Deadbeets at Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles, CA from June 29th to July 21st
  • Anime Expo – at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA July 4th to 7th
  • Toy Burst – a group exhibition featuring vinyl, resin, and plush customs by dozens of artists at Redefine Gallery in Orlando, FL July 18th to August 8th
  • San Diego Comic Con – comic and popular art convention at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA July 18th through 21st