Episode 245 : Wreck It George!

1.9.13 – Episode 245 : Wreck It George!

Show Notes – This week we have Happy Vinyl, Sikk Circus, Venellope, and much more! Chow down on some Chips Ahoy Chewy chocolate chip cookies and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff

  • Sikk Circus Contest – win a whole set of Sikk Circus figures curtesy of their creator, Mr. Dandy, by simply heading over to the forum and posting which Sikk Circus figure is your favorite in the contest section – deadline is January 30th


  • Mini 10-Doh! Contest – Squid Kids Ink is currently running a contest to have your Mini 10-Doh! design produced in series 2 from now until January 31st
  • Rivet Wars Game on Kickstarter – by Ted Terranova & CoolMiniOrNot – the Rivet Wars universe has been translated into a miniatures board game and you can pledge for a copy now on Kickstarter
  • Designer Toy Documentary – by Syntetyk – figure creators are trying to raise money to produce a documentary based on their experience making a figure
  • Lego Cuusoo – user built Lego creations are voted on to be considered for production by Lego



  • Happy Vinyl Toy – by Dudebox & 2Much – 7.5″ vinyl figure limited to 300 pieces – $35
  • Sikk Circus – by Mr. Dandy – outrageous cold cast figurines featuring five twisted characters including The Ringmeister and Meester, Flingo the Filthy Monkey, Snockers the Drunk-Ast Clown, Ellaphat the Portly Pachyderm, and Trini Trapeezee Siren of the Swing – $12 each or set of 5 for $50 – also 8 Bit Pixel Art Jewelry for $5 each
  • Wreck-It Ralph Sugar Rush Venellope Doll – by Thinkway – poseable 4″ figure – $11


  • Toy Giants – a gallery showcase of lifesize fiberglass figures at Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles, CA from January 12th to 26th
  • (In)Action Figures – multi-artist designer toy exhibition at Clutter in Beacon, NY from January 12th to February 2nd
  • Day With Toy Break – we will be broadcasting live for 24 hours with guests, exclusives, and goodies for sale/auction to raise funds for Toy Break from 5 pm February 8th to 5 pm February 9th (PST)