Episode 233 : Jay233

9.25.12 – Episode 233 : Jay233

Show Notes – Sarah Jo is back with Sundae Girls, The Shadow, Temple of Kung Fu, and much more! Prepare a parfait and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff

  • Custom Qee Contest – by Carson Catlin – to enter, simply head to the contest section on the Toy Break forum and post your drawing of a bear! Deadline is October 17th
  • DKE Blog – follow Sarah Jo at DKE for the newest designer toys in the Fresh Flash and DKE news




  • Sundae Girls I Want Candy – by Fawn Gehweiler & Necessaries Toy Foundation – first of three Sundae Girls based on artwork by Fawn Gehweiler and sculpted by Dave Pressler – edition of 500 pieces – $69
  • The Shadow – by Go Hero & Executive Replicas – 1:6 scale figure of Lamont Cranston as The Shadow with poseable cape & scarf, black suit & hat, 2 guns, holster, shoes & socks, 2 sets of hands with The Shadow’s Ring, and stand – edition of 750 – $130


  • BrickCon – Lego fan convention at the Seattle Center in Seattle, WA October 6th & 7th
  • New York Comic Con – at the Javits Center in New York City October 11th to 14th
  • JPK Star Wars Show – at Yoyamart in New York City on October 11th
  • A Postcard from New Yorkshire – exhibition of new artwork by Doktor A at My Plastic Heart in New York City fom October 11th to November 12th