Episode 221 : Graffiti Elephant

6.27.12 – Episode 221 : Graffiti Elephant

Show Notes – Luke Chueh helps continue the Countdown to Comic Con with Target, Chester Runcorn, Power Mazinger Z, and much more! Rip open a new pack of Hi-Chew and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff


  • Help Us Get A $250k Grant! – we are in the process of applying for a $250,000 grant and we need 250 votes to qualify! Head over to the site, login, type “October Toys” in the search box, hit the search button, then vote! Thank you so much for helping us try to reach our goal!
  • Fonzo SDCC Glow Version – by Gary Ham & Freak Store – 6″ glow in the dark vinyl limited to 100 pieces – available at Gary Ham’s booth 4836 at SDCC for $60
  • Target – by Luke Chueh – 6.5″ tall vinyl (10.5″ with wall) SDCC exclusive, limited edition of 250 pieces – $140
  • Munky King Happenings at SDCC – annual party at Bar Basic Thursday July 12th with the Designer Toy Awards nomination ceremony from 7:30 to 8 pm, then Munky King Carnival event of games and mingle with artits – visit Munky King’s booth 4539 throughout the convention for the Omi Exhibition custom toy showcase and signings by artists Martin Hsu, Touma, and Luke Chueh
  • Art of Luke Chueh – book of art by Luke Chueh



  • Cereal Geek – issue 8 of this independent magazine focusing on animation of the 80’s
  • Griffin – by The Four Horsemen & Mattel – oversized evil flying beast riden by Beast Man – $33
  • Chester Runcorn – by Doktor A & Kuso Vinyl – “Port” edition of 6″ tall vinyl figure limited to 300 pieces – $65
  • Power Mazinger Z – by Go Nagai, Touma, & Phalanx Creative – limited to 100 pieces – $85


  • Anime Expo – at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA from June 29th to July 2nd
  • Toy Invaderz – n invasion of indi toy makers, customizers, artist & designers at RGB Lounge in Chicago, IL opening June 30th
  • San Diego Comic Con – pop culture extravaganza at the Convention Center in San Diego, CA July 12th – 15th