Episode 137 : Basically

9.23.10 – Episode 137 : Basically

Show Notes – We take a trip to Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory to chat with Tracy Tubera, the creative director of Wild Grinders! Track down a food truck and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff

  • Tilteed Contest Winner – win a gift certificate good for one free Tilteed shirt of your choice! Go check out tilteed.com/shop and then post your favorite design in the contest section on the forum! – deadline is September 15th
  • I Remember Halloween Contest – This contest is brought to you by Mini Cassette Tees! The winner will receive a limited edition poster as well as a very limited Motorbot custom figure. To enter, visit minicassettetees.com and post your favorite design or a suggestion for a design you would like to see in the contest section on the forum! – deadline is October 20th
  • Oberth Colonist Contest – brought to you by Jimmy Foo – win one of two exclusive October Toys Oberth Colonists! To enter, simply post a reply in the contest section on the forum containing the following: Make a traveling companion for the Oberth Colonists. This can be a very simple sketch, a painting, a cardboard cutout, a 3D figure made out of pretty much anything, some digital editing of existing imagery….No great skills are needed for this just get the idea across in some way – deadline is October 5th



  • Wild Grinders Concrete – by Mattel & Wild Grinders – SDCC exclusive Lil’ Rob comes with an extra pair of matching shoes and hat as well as a flocked version of Meaty and two skateboards – limited to 1,500 pieces
  • Wild Grinder Contest – win a SDCC exlusive Wild Grinder curtesy of Tracy Tubera and Rob Dyrdek! Just visit facebook.com/toybreak, “like” us if you haven’t already, and post who your favorite Wild Grinders character is on the wall – deadline is October 6th


  • BrickCon – LEGO convention taking place in Seattle, WA from Sep. 30th to Oct. 3rd
  • I Remember Halloween – group Halloween show featuring paintings, customs, and prints by artists such as Motorbot, Danny Miller, Martin Ontiveros, James Rheem Davis, and many more at Wootini in Carrboro, N.C. from Oct. 1st to Nov. 5th
  • Remedy – group show with 25% of the sales going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation at Rivet Gallery in Columbus, OH opening October 2nd