Episode 110 : I Love Momz!

2.26.10 – Episode 110 : I Love Momz!

Show NotesChris Ryniak joins us for Medusa, Mini God Speakers, DIY Squib Kid, Kamen Riders, 8″ Qees and much more! Order your favorite vegan dish and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff

  • Concrete Immortalz Contest – two grand prize winners will receive both cover variants of the comic book Concrete Immortalz as well as a large t-shirt – another winner will receive both comics and a final winner will receive one comic – to enter, post a graffiti inspired design in the contest section on the forum – deadline is March 3rd


  • Medusa – by Erick Scarecrow of ESC Toys – Black Mamba version – 10″ vinyl, limited to 300 pieces
  • Mini God Speaker – by Marka27 – 16″ speakers available in several different styles
  • DIY Squib Kid – by Squid Kids Ink – 8″ resin – $30
  • Kamen Riders – by Bandai – 4″ action figures based on the tv show Kamen Rider : Dragon Knight
  • 8″ Qees – by Toy2R – Mr. Black from Resevoir Dogs and a wood Qee – $50 each