Episode 400 : Jobin

11.23.16 – Episode 400 : Jobin

Show Notes – George and Ayleen celebrate ten years and four hundred episodes of Toy Break by sharing some of their all time favorite toys! Unwrap a chocolate muffin and join us for a Toy Break!

Episode 399 : May The Froth Be With You!

11.18.16 – Episode 399 : May The Froth Be With You!

Show Notes – Brandon from Beeline Creative joins us to show off Pulp Fiction figures, Star Wars steins, and much more! Roast up some salt and pepper ribs and join us for a Toy Break!



Blind Box

  • E.T. Minifigures – by NECA/Wizkids

Episode 398 : A Hoot!

11.8.16 – Episode 398 : A Hoot!

Show Notes – George and Ayleen discuss BrickCon, recent toy releases, and much more! Order in some Chinese and join us for a Toy Break!


  • BrickCon – annual LEGO fan event in Seattle, WA
  • Mascot Bricks – Kickstarter from Crazy Bricks featuring mascot outfits for minifigs including Mr Toast – ends December 4th
  • Odd Ones, Kaiju Frankenstein, and Stair Monsta – from Scott Tolleson, Kidrobot, Nathan Hamill, Touma, and Craola
  • Krampus Pins – Kickstarter from George Gaspar for Krampus pins designed by Amanda Dempsey – ends November 15th
  • CurioCon – toy makers, artists, designers, and producers of unique and interesting goods will gather for a unique weekend of fun at the Pasadena Convention Center May 13th & 14th, 2017

Episode 397 : Steamie

11.1.16 – Episode 397 : Steamie

Show Notes – Geoff and Corwin join us for The Astronaut, Mandrake Root, Hotwheels, and much more! Defrost some meatballs and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff


  • Mandrake Root – by Doktor A & Toy Art Gallery – two figure sofubi set – $85
  • The Astronaut – by Alex Pardee & ToyQube – limited edition 10″ polystone statue – $130
  • Hot Wheels – by Mattel
  • Diecast Driftpad – by TYOTOYS – several designs of corrugated plastic playsets – $15 – $35

Blind Box