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This is, arguably, the easiest way to enjoy Toy Break! Just click play on the video at or visit or for the lastest episode! For maximum enjoyment, remember to update your Flash player and choose the HD option at the bottom of the player if your device supports HD.


There are several excellent, free programs available to subscribe to audio and video podcasts/netcasts (often called podcatchers). Once you subscribe to a podcast, the program will automatically download new episodes for you to watch or listen to whenever you want! Some free podcatchers include itunes and Miro. There is a great list of podcast software available at

Depending on what software you are using, please choose the appropriate link below to add the Toy Break feed to your program:

iTunes HD iTunes RSS Miro
October Toys - Toy Break HD - Toy Break HD October Toys - Toy Break (MPEG4/iPod version) - Toy Break (MPEG4/iPod version) Miro Video Player

Or copy and paste one of the links below into your favorite podcast player...

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You can also download individual episodes and watch them with almost any video player on your computer. Some good free media players include VLC media player, GOM media player, windows media player, and quicktime.

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