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  Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I subscribe to Toy Break?

    Visit our subscription page and choose which format you would like to subscribe to. Depending on what software you are using, you can either click the appropriate icon (i.e. for itunes) or manually add a feed by copy/pasting the correct RSS address (ending in xml) into your program.

  • How do I download Toy Break?

    Either click on the link of the version you want to download (usually wmv for windows and mp4 for ipod) and a download will start automatically or right click on the link to the version you want and choose "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" (depending on what browser you are using). Voila! You are downloading Toy Break!

  • Why does some of your show audio suck so much?

    Good question. We're still learning the ropes of recording and netcasting, so we appreciate you bearing with us. We've upgraded our audio equipment, but are constantly investigating ways to improve it.

  • Your files are big.

    Well first off, that's not a question, but the size of our files is comparable to other video netcasts that run between 30 minutes and 1 hour. They are a little big, but hey, that's video.

  • How will I know when there is a new Toy Break?

    Easy! You can either check this website often, subscribe to Toy Break, or join the Toy Break mailing list.

  • What's with the advertising on the site and how can I get in on it?

    First of all, our goal is to always keep Toy Break coming to you for free. However, there are many costs associated with production like web hosting, video equipment, microphones, lights, etc. In an effort to help pay for some of these costs and help us upgrade the quality of the show, we rely on donations and advertisers. If you are interested in advertising on the site, please visit our advertising page. We are also experimenting with episode sponsorships which you can email us about at

  • How can I suggest toys for you to review or ask you a question?

    We generally communicate on tin cans connected by strings, but for can visit our forum or email us at

  • Um...what are podcasts/netcasts?

    Podcasts are audio and video programs made by a variety of people on almost every topic you can think of. We prefer the term netcast because you simply don't need anything with pod in the name (like an ipod) to watch or listen to these programs. Below are some suggested ways to watch/listen to your favorite programs.


    There are several excellent, free programs available to subscribe to audio and video podcasts/netcasts. Once you subscribe to a podcast, the program will automatically download new episodes for you to listen or watch whenever you want. Some free software programs include itunes and Instant Media. There is also a great list of podcast software avaialble at


    You can also download individual audio/video programs and listen/watch them with almost any audio/video player on your computer. Some good free media players include VLC media player, winamp, windows media player, and quicktime. You can also listen to audio on most mp3 players (like ipod, iriver, rio, etc.) and watch video on portable video devices (like video ipod, insignia video players, archos video players, etc.)

  • You guys are cool. How can I be like you?

    Sleep late (at least 3 pm everyday), go to Disneyland a lot, and do everything possible to avoid real work. Liking toys will help, too.

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