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7.7.07 - Episode 9 : Hot Hot Heat

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Show Notes - Lots of San Diego Comic-Con news, some Qee reviews, Gwin Series 3 plus two awesome contests and more great toy stuff! All that in a shorter episode! Yay! Thank you again and you rock for taking a Toy Break with us!

News Reviews
  • Elder Ape 8" Qee - by MCA & Toy2R - available in several colorways and comes with 2.5" MCA artist portrait Qee - $60 on qeester.com
  • Kozik Anarqees - by Kozik & Toy2R - 16 styles in series - between $10 and $15 on qeester.com
  • Possessed - by Luke Chueh & Munky King - black colorway sold out, white available from select outlets - about $100
  • Gwin Series 3 - by October Toys & various artists - Series 3 includes 5 designs by Squidboy, Lou Pimentel, Jim Koch, Bill Rawley, and Hideous Boi - $10 at GwinArmy.com
  • Baby Tattooville - limited edition retreat in Pasadena, CA with Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Gris Grimly, James Jean, Tara McPherson, Ragnar, Jeff Soto, and Amanda Visell - watch BabyTattooVille.com for more info
  • Buff Fest - release and signing of Buffmonster's toys by Mindstyle at Munky King in Los Angeles, CA on July 22nd from 12 pm to 3 pm and the party continues at Barracuda just down the street from 4-7 pm with a limited edition secret toy/poster prints/apparel and more
  • San Diego Comic-Con - July 26-29 - it's almost here!
  • The Urban Underground Project - July 27 & 28 from 2 pm to 8 pm - free admission and free shuttle from Comic-Con - tons of artists signings and vendors!
  • Love:Hate - presented by Cardboard Spaceship and Subtext - featuring over 50 artists including Jim Koch, Bucky Lastard, Tristan Easton, Jenna Colby, Zoso and more at Subtext in San Deigo, CA from July 26-28
  • 1 Year Custom Dunny Expo - custom dunnys from several artists including Andy from ToysREvil, Moose, Sandman, Studiodaredevil, and many more - starting August 17th for two weeks at Outland Records in Amsterdam
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