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1.28.14 - Episode 294 : Dinofest

Pop out video

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Show Notes - Carlos East joins us for T-Con, Monster Factory, Pacific Rim, and much more! Crack open the smooth peanut butter and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff
  • He-Man Paperweight Contest - win a 12" polystone mini bust paperweight from Icon Heroes by posting a picture of your current paperweight in the contest section on the forum - deadline is February 26th
  • Carlos East - half of the creative duo known as The Beast Brothers; creators of the vinyl Calaveritas, multiple Dunnys, and tons of customs
  • Snake Mountain - by Icon Heroes - 16" tall polystone statue - available now for pre-order for $300
  • Creature Card Packs - by Rhonda Chase - Kickstarter for an artist created creature trading card set - ends February 3rd
  • LittlePlasticMen - new online toy magazine - premiere Winter 2014 issue features interviews with Anaglyph Sculpture’s Scott Hensey and Plan B Toys’ Jay Borman, along with news, reviews and more! - free to read online or download
  • Cool & Collected - new toy magazine - premiere Winter 2013 issue is available for download for $5 or printed for $8
Blindbox Reviews
  • Predasaurs - by Dracco Company - minifig dinosaurs with weapons
  • T-Con - designed by The Hang Gang and sculpted by Holly Stanway from A Little Stranger - 5" articulated, vinyl version the ToyCon UK mascot - "OG" teal color and GID versions limited to 100 pieces - "DIY" white version is available for £30
  • Monster Factory - mini "super stuffed" plush monster characters - $13
  • Pacific Rim Series 2 - by NECA - 7" action figures of Battle Damage Gipsy Danger, Striker Eureka, and Leatherback - $64
  • Toypocalypse - check out the lastest work and newest reveals from The Four Horsemen at Toy Tokyo Underground in New York City, NY on Saturday February 15th
Toy Break Stuff

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