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1.21.14 - Episode 293 : Chunk Hand

Pop out video

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Show Notes - This week we have Robocop, Bane, My Little Ponies Guide, and much more! Bring home some bacon and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff
  • He-Man Paperweight Contest - win a 12" polystone mini bust paperweight from Icon Heroes by posting a picture of your current paperweight in the contest section on the forum - deadline is February 26th
  • 24 Hour Toy Break Releases - flesh color vinyl Cavey limited to 50 pieces for $25, purple OMFG Series 3 for $10, GID/Grey/Purple Toy Break mini figures for $1 donation
  • Kidrobot Takes On The Turtles - Kidrobot has announced that they are making Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle products including 4" versions of the turtles, a 3" blindbox series, and 7" Bebop and Rocksteady
  • Star Wars Chubbies - by TADO & Unbox Industries - samples of the upcoming Star Wars Chubbies Series 1 were recently on display at the Hong Kong Toy & Game Fair
  • Kaiju Kaos : Smackdown - by Acheson Creations - Kickstarter for a kaiju themed tabletop miniatures game featuring 12 different resin miniature monsters - ends Feb 12th
  • New They Actually Made That - check out Attaboy's latest They Actually Made That video with Milky the Cow from Kenner
  • Power-Con In New York - Power-Con will be returning September 13 & 14 in New York with a focus on the Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power properties
  • Zelfs - by Moose Enterprise
Reviews Events
  • 24 Hour Toy Break - starting at 5 pm PST Friday January 24th to 5 pm Saturday January 25th
  • Toypocalypse - check out the lastest work and newest reveals from The Four Horsemen at Toy Tokyo Underground in New York City, NY on Saturday February 15th
Toy Break Stuff

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