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1.7.14 - Episode 291 : See You Next Wednesday!

Pop out video

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Show Notes - We are ringing in the New Year with Vampire Batman, French Lowrider, Zombie Gooo, and much more! Bring on the Brazilian beef and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff
  • Dead Kozik Contest - win a 13" bronze color vinyl bust from by posting a picture of your favorite Kozik piece (poster/toy/whatever) on instagram with #3dretro - deadline is January 8th
  • J-RYU Online Store - J-RYU has finally opened an online store where you can peruse and purchase his custom creations
  • RIVALS : Set II - by Wheelhouse & Patchtogether - second set of Rivals including Brighton "The Bareknuckle" and Geoffrey "The Hammertoe" Helmsworth on Kickstarter now - ends Feb 1st
  • Menace Inc. Studios - Jeff Beck is raising money on Kickstarter to help open a retail loction for designer toys and art in Greensboro, NC - ends Jan 22nd
  • Kooky Creeps - by Matt Hawkins - set of limited edition papercraft art masks on Kickstarter - ends January 10th
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