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10.24.13 - Episode 281 : Punkin Butt!

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Show Notes - Ben is back for a Baby Tattooville recap, Mystical Warriors of the Ring, and much more! Fry up some egg rolls and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff
  • OMFG Series 3 Contest - win a super set of OMFG Series 3 including flesh and black sets of OMFG Series 3, flesh and black Zombie Pheydens, and purple and grey Toy Break mini figs by October Toys - head to the forum for the details - deadline is November 20th
  • Designer Con Commercial - animation by MattStar102, voice of Vincent by Brian T. Stevenson of Spy Monkey Creations
  • Victory Deluxe Toy Break Promotion - get a free Toy Break print with your order by adding the phrase "Toy Break" to the Paypal comments section!
  • Custom RetroBots - from Fresh Monkey Creations & George Gaspar - auction for eight custom Retrobots to support The Young Storytellers Foundation starts on October 21st and ends on Halloween
  • Skulls - by Crazy Bricks - Kickstarter for custom skull accessories for your miniature brick figures - campaign ends November 13th
  • Animalia Wallet - by Nathan Hamill & Dynomighty - pre-order available until the end of October for $15
  • Power 5 - by fugi.me - submit your 1" resin toy designs for a chance to have a run made by Robotic Industries and Lisa Rae Hansen (aka iBreakToys) - submissions are being accepted now through November 29th - a team of five judges (one of which being popular vote) will determine the five winners and those figurs will be available in blindbags at ToyConUK 2014 for 5 each (winners of course also receive a complete set of their design)
Blindbox Reviews
  • Baby Tattooville - recap of a unique weekend full of art, artists, and fun
  • OMFG Series 3 - by October Toys - five new PVC mini figures - $10 - debuting at Designer Con
  • Mystical Warriors of the Ring - by Fantastic Plastic and Truecast Studio - sets of 3 PVC mini figures available in flesh or red went on sale online 10/18 for $9 per set
  • Galactic Jerkbag Goodies - the Galactic Jerkbags will be at Designer Con with free promos like stickers and trading cards, raffles, Suckaelic pieces on display, exlclusives, and shirts - they will also have an exclusive bootleg figure Mensajero Del Demonio Azul (the Blue Demon Messenger) limited to 35 pieces for $30 a piece
  • "XAM" Paint Class - come paint your own XAM figure from Max Toy Co. with the pros for a day on October 26th at Monster Kolor Studios in Middleboro, MA for $99
  • T-Con - the team behind ToyCon UK are back with a line up of super talented artists customizing the T-Con mascot at the Fleet River Bakery in London on November 1st
  • Stan Lee's Comikaze - multi-media pop culture convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA on November 1st to 3rd
  • Designer Con - designer toy and art convention at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA on November 9th & 10th
Toy Break Stuff