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5.7.13 - Episode 260 : Sexy Time!

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Show Notes - Brian and Jeremy from Spy Monkey Creations join us for new Weaponeers of Monkaa, War Tourist, and much more! Pick up a slice and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff News
  • MegaSeth - by Lisa Rae Hansen (aka I Break Toys) - 4" resin figures avaialble in two handpainted colors (10 of each color for a total edition of 20 pieces) - comes with MegaSeth rock memorabilia including gig ticket certificate, mini print, guitar picks, and badges - 50
  • Dogonauts - Enemy Line - Stop Motion film By Shel and Justin Rasch on Kickstarter now - OMFG Series 2 artist Mike Fleming Jr. is providing 2 mini figure sculpts, Mini Dober and Fester Flea
  • Mortimer the Mortician & Oliver the Bat Boy - by Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, and Artoyz - Mortimer, a narwal themed undertaker, is 6" tall with straight razor and bottle of "Toxico" embalming fluid - Oliver is 6.25" tall and comes with two scavenger bird companions - four versions of each figure limited to 200 pieces per figure/color - Grey Scale, Turquoise Edition, Red Edition, and Purple Edition - available in May for $60 each
Blindbox Reviews
  • Weaponeers of Monkaa Bloodlust - by Spy Monkey Creations - DX Bloodlust Umbreus (35 Glyos compatible parts, $15), DX Obsidian Close Combat Armory (17 Glyos compatible parts, $5), Flaw the Obsidian Gohlem (31 Glyos compatible parts, $12), and Obsidian Close Combat Armory (14 Glyos compatible parts, $3)
  • War Tourist - by Sam "Planet Domu" Griffiths & RunDMB - 4" resin figure platform figure - blank available for 40
  • Star Trek Door Chime - motion sesative door chime from The Original Series offers door opening sound or red alert sound as well as push button for communicator whistle sound - $30
  • Star Trek TNG Bridge At DCon - come check out the restored TNG bridge at Designer Con 2013 in Pasadena, CA November 9 - 10
  • Long Beach Comic Expo - one day comic convention brought to you by the Long Beach Comic & Horror Convention at the Long Beach Convention Center on May 11th
  • Toy Box - new solo exibition of work by Robert Xavier Burden depicting iconic childhood toys at Shooting Gallery in San Francisco, CA from May 11th through June 1st
  • Cool Mini Or Not Expo - meet the folks behind great games like Zombicide, Rivet Wars, Sedition Wars and Guilds of Cadwallon, plus meet award winning miniatures painters, Jen Haley and James Wappel in Atlanta, Georgia May 17th May 19th - pre-registration is $25 for the weekend until April 26th
Toy Break Stuff