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2.26.13 - Episode 251 : Suitable For Having

Pop out video

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Show Notes - Sarah Jo shows off some DKE goodies including Bunnywith figures, Jaguar Knight, Temper Tot, and much more! Whatever you're eating, put an egg on it and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff
  • Dudebox Contest - win this Happy Dudebox by posting what makes you happy in the contest section on the forum - deadline is March 20th
  • DKE Toys Blog - keep up with the latest DKE Toys offerings and happenings
  • 24 Hour Toy Break - relive the whole thing on youtube!
  • ED-209 - spotted on Toy News International - arriving this Summer for around $50 - roughly in scale with 7" Robocop action figure
  • Custom Urban Vinyl Art Documentary - documentary on Kickstarter offering a variety of pledge levels including custom figures and other designer toy goodies
  • Club Filmation - six all new 6" MOTUC action figures from He-Man and She-Ra - first three announced are Batros, Icer, and Shokoti - $25 each - subscriptions on sale through March 4th
Blindbox Reviews
  • Chumbuddy 3 - plush shark sleeping bag features removable dorsal fin (which can be used as a pillow) - $200 for adult size, $100 for child size
  • Bunnywith - by Alex Pardee - five different Bunnywiths in five colors plus gold chase versions - $2 each
  • Power Mazinger-Z Original Version - by Go Nagau, Touma, and Phalanx - features blue and white color scheme - $90
  • Jaguar Knight OG Edition - by Jesse Hernandez & Pobber - 12" tall figure features 7 points of articulation - comes with a Macuahuitl and shield - limited to 360 - $120
  • Tempter Tot - by Ron English - 8" tall vinyl figure - $70
  • Emerald City Comicon - the largest comic book and pop culture convention in the pacific northwest at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, WA from March 1st through 3rd
  • Bricks Cascade - a Lego fan convention at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, OR with public days on March 9th and 10th
Toy Break Stuff