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4.17.12 - Episode 212 : Trombone Service

Pop out video

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Show Notes - Ahren from Improbable Cast joins us for some Doctor Who goodies, Truffle, and much more! Pick up a potato taquito and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff
  • Tokidoki Jacket Contest - brought to you by 3DRetro - to enter, head over to the contest section on our fourm and post a picture of your jacket or hoodie that you want to replace with this fine garment - Deadline is April 25th
  • GID OMFG - by October Toys - support and pre-order through kickstarter!
  • Uncle Argh Noir - by Tenacious Toys, Scott Tolleson, & Toy2R - Kickstarter project raising funds to produce an exclusive grayscale version of Scott Tolleson's Uncle Argh 5" mini Qee
  • Improbable Cast - guest Ahren Gauthier's production company
Blindbox Reviews Events
  • Heavy Metal Qee - group custom show featuring 30 UK artists take on "Heavy Metal" on an 8" Qee on display at Forbidden Planet Megastore in London, England through April 19th - there will also be a meet the artist session at 6 pm on the 19th
  • Playsam 500 - custom toy show featuring 59 artists customizing the iconic Playsam Streamliner Car to benefit charity at Super7 in San Francisdo, CA on April 28th
  • RobotToyFest & Brick Boutique - a wonderland of robots and lego under one roof at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA on May 13th - free admission at 10 am ($5 admission at 9 am)
Toy Break Stuff

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