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1.7.08 - Episode 21 : We're Legal!

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Show Notes - Join us for a look at Dem1n by Figure Punk, Bizarregoylz by Monster Bucket Studios, the Phlebiac Bros. from McFarlane, and lots of news and blind box fun! Enjoy and thank you for starting out 2008 with a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff
  • Call Toy Break - call and leave us a message or ask a question on the Toy Break hotline at 818-Am-I-Good (818-264-4663)
  • Continued Contest - win an 8" Hellboy Qee! Head over to the forum and post a word that rhythms with "hell", but remember...no duplicates!
  • Nude - UK counter culture magazine
  • New Baby Treeson - by Crazy Label - now with glasses and soon to be in three new colors - coming February
  • Old Skool Kaiju - by Erick Scarecrow - teaser for new project coming in 2008
  • Mini Munny - by Kidrobot - 4" tall pink, blue, and white Munnys avaialble January 24th for $9.95 each
  • New from Sideshow - products from Jurassic Park and Resevoir Dogs coming soon
  • Cult Classics Hall of Fame Series 3 - by NECA - 3 figures in series including Eric Draven, Captain Spaulding, and Michael Myers - available this spring
  • Yeah Right Lefty - by HiCalorie & AdFunture - third edition of vinyl octopus Lefty - 300 pieces coming in February
  • UniPo Series 5 - by UNKL - The Speed Demons includes 4 designs available in February - also coming April 1 is Defcon SUG (version 2)
  • Phlebiac Bros. - by McFarlane - 5 figures approx. 2" tall - $12.99
  • Dem1n - by Figure Punk - 4.5" tall soft vinyl figures, limited to 50 pieces each for about $15 with shipping to the US
  • Bizarregoylz - by Monster Bucket Studios - 3.4" tall vinyl figures, two pieces, series 1 features 6 designs - $11 each
  • The Nature of Water - art inspired by Bruce Lee at Nucleus in Alhambra, CA from January 5 - January 21
  • Craola Signing - Greg "Craola" Simkins will be signing his Ningyo Gosho figure from Super Rad Toys at Munky King on Melrose in Los Angeles, CA on January 12 from 7-11 pm
  • Kicks - Subtext & DC Shows present custom shoes by tons of artists at Subtext in San Diego, CA from January 25 - February 17
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