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1.17.12 - Episode 200 : Thumbs Up Us!

Pop out video

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Show Notes - Scott, Sarah Jo, and Ben cram on the couch for OMFG!, Lucky Uckys, Bearalzebub, and much more! Prepare your favorite pasta and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff News
  • Divulge Magazine - check out the premiere issue of Divulge in early February and don't miss the Toy Talk section with Toy Break
  • Martin Luther King Paper Model - by Xone Industries - in honor of Martin Luther King day, go grab your own MLK to cut, fold, and paste
  • Uglydoll BLOX - by Funko - watch your favorite retailers for these 7" vinyl stylized versions of 6 Uglydoll characters including Ox, IceBat, Big Toe, Ugly Charlie, Ninja Batty Shogun, and Wage
  • Choice Cuts - by Frank Kozik & Kidrobot - new 10" Labbit releasing February 9th for $80
Blindbox Reviews
  • OMFG! - from October Toys - set of 5 Outlandish Mini Figure Guys - $10
  • Plush Bearalzebub - 11" plush devil bear - $20
  • Wicket Mini Bust - by Gentle Giant - this 5 1/2" polystone bust is limited to 1,650 pieces - $60
  • Lucky Uckys - by Uglydoll - 12 different characters in 5 colors make a set of 60 1.5" figures - $5 per pack
  • Toypocalypse 2: Futuretro - second annual show by The Four Horsemen showcasing action figure work seldom seen outside their studio at TT Underground in New York City, NY during the week of February 10th
  • The Primrose Path - new work from Luke Chueh and Juan Muniz at Brett Wesley Gallery in Las Vegas, NV February 3rd - March 31st
Toy Break Stuff

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