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1.11.12 - Episode 199 : Free Fives

Pop out video

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Show Notes - Sket-One and kaNO crash the couch for Fluffels, Simpsons Pop, and much more! Bring home some bbq and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff News
  • Red Hot Robot Closing - after four and a half years, Red Hot Robot is closing it's doors in Phoenix, AZ
  • Artist Series Monster Kolor - debut lineup features colors from the Sucklord, Todd Robertson (Mecha Virus), and Mark Nagata (Max Toy Co)
Blindbox Reviews
  • Canvas Print - by Easy Canvas Prints - 16x20, $70
  • Z.O.M.B.I.E. - by October Toys - new colors!
  • Fluffels - Poloko the chicken, Bubbo the frog, Bruno the dog, Boris the cat, Monster Pika, Monster Piko - $30
  • Simpson's Pop! - by Funko - stylized vinyl figures - $10
  • Toypocalypse 2: Futuretro - second annual show by The Four Horsemen showcasing action figure work seldom seen outside their studio at TT Underground in New York City, NY during the week of February 10th
Toy Break Stuff

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