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11.29.11 - Episode 193 : Let Them Eat Toys!

Pop out video

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Show Notes - Sarah Jo is on the couch for Go Gopher, Zombie Chibithulhu, Swiftwind, and much more! Whip up some chocolate egg pie and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff Reviews
  • Go Gopher - by Renee French - Gordon the Google Go Gopher plush
  • Zombie Chibithulhu - by Steve Jackson Games - 10" cute, cuddly, cannibalistic plush - $23
  • The Maxx - by Shocker Toys - 2008 SDCC Exclusive Mini Maxx - 3" vinyl, sold out
  • Tepoz - by pablowapsi & PatchTogether - 3" resin figure of Wapsi Square's Aztec god of alcohol - $30
  • Swiftwind - by Mattel & The Four Horsemen - She-Ra's magical steed from Etheria - $30
Blindbox Events
  • Grumpy Bert Pop Up Shop - Grumpy Bert has brought their toys and art to a pop up shop in Brooklyn, NY inside a shipping container and will be there everyday through December 31st
  • Custom Toy Show - by Fuller at Happy Panda Toys in Las Vegas, NV starting December 2nd (with preview night December 1st)
  • Skin Deep - custom pieces by Scott Wilkowski at Lulubell Toy Bodega in Mesa, AZ from December 9th - 30th
  • Day With Toy Break - another 24 hour live Toy Break event online with guests, toys, and who knows what surprises on January 6th - 7th
Toy Break Stuff

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