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4.6.11 - Episode 161 : Get Off My Lawn!

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Show Notes - Leecifer joins us for The Tick, Biting Pear, LEGO Minifigs Series 4, and much more! Sauce those chicken wings and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff News
  • Easter Caveys - by A Little Stranger - two new Caveys coming April 11th - 36 cm Lamb Fleece Cavey pillows for 22 and regular sized Easter Caveys limited to 100 pieces
  • Uncle Argh Qee - by Scott Tolleson & Toy2R - limited edition 5" Mini Qee available soon for $28 - wholesale orders are being taken now by Apex Trading
  • Bernard Android Artist Proof Bundle - by Scott Tolleson - limited to 25 sets, bundles include: one artist proof Bernard Android (signed & numbered), one 5" x 5" giclee Bernard print only available in this bundle (signed & numbered), and one surprise fully painted custom Android - available for $75 starting April 6th
Blindbox Reviews Events
  • Toy Street - this independent toy tradeshow, marketplace, gallery, and celebration is taking place April 22nd in New York, NY
Toy Break Stuff

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