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1.11.11 - Episode 151 : So Snuggly!

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Show Notes - Join us for the new PKE Meter, Deluxe Sam Flynn, Outer Space Men Beta Phase, and more! Start the soup and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff News
  • Batman Mimobots - by Mimico - Batman and other iconic DC comics hereos and villians are coming to Mimobot USB flash drives in February
  • 5" Mini Qees - by Toy2R - seven Qee characters will soon be available in this new sclae with articulated arms and head - coming in February for $15
  • Valentine's Day Qee Bear Set - by Toy2R - flocked 2.5" expressions of love in a heart deco'd box - available in late January for $25
  • VC3 - by robotandspark - limited to 500 pieces, available in five fruity colors and blank - available for wholesale through DKE starting in January
  • Star Wars Invading Legoland California - new Star Wars themed area in Miniland will be opening at Legoland California on March 31st featuring 2,000 Lego models
  • Floxy - by Soma & Patchtogether
  • PKE Meter - by Mattel - movie-accurate PKE Meter features light sequences, adjustable LED and screen animation speeds, three screen displays as seen in the films, and opening wings - $60
  • Deluxe Sam Flynn - by Spinmaster - 7" talking figure features animated face with light-up features - $17
  • NYCC Outer Space Men Beta Phase - by The Four Horsemen - limited to 300 pieces each, sold in two sets of 2 for $24
Toy Break Stuff

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