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5.6.10 - Episode 118 : Chunk A Toy

Download - wmv (windows media) :: mp4 (ipod friendly) :: small mp4 (smaller, low res) :: mp3 (audio only)

Show Notes - Join us for Mascots, Spiki, Tentapuss, and much more! Get a basket of ribs and join us for a Toy Break!

Toy Break Stuff
  • Deady Bear Contest Winners - Thank you to everyone who participted!
  • The Krakit / Idle Contest - krakit has generously offered up a MANEKI TORA (Lucky Tiger) figure by German based artist Daniel Goffin (idle on the forum) - to enter, head over to the forum and post your favorite image of a tiger - deadline is May 26th

  • Kawaiiju - by Monsterforge - these figures will release on Sunday, May 16th at 5PM EST - they are between 1.5" and 2" tall, hand sculpted from polymer clay, and painted with acrylic paint - limited to 30 figures - $25
  • Pecanpals Monotone - by Noferin - coming May 5, the final edition of the wooden Pecanpals - made of 100% sustainably harvested rubber wood - limited to 300 pieces per character
  • SDCC Exclusives from Mattel - for Masters of the Universe Classics we have two 2 figure packs including Mo-Larr & Skeletor ($40) and Orko & Prince Adam ($25) - for DC Universe Classics we have Plastic Man ($20) and DC Infinite Heroes ($50) - for Ghostbusters, we will see the first in the new line of Retro-Action figures (these are MEGO style figures that talk) with Peter Venkmen from The Real Ghostbusters ($20) - Also, Polly Pocket Dressed for Justice set with Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman ($20)
  • Lil' Death - by Paul Shih - 4.5" handcast resin figures, limited to 20 pieces - $40

  • Mascots - by Le Lab - Jessica and Marcel figures, 15 cm tall - 40 euros ($53)
  • Tentapuss - by KiLL! - 6" plush kitty-esque design with tentacles! - $12
  • Spiki - by Nakanari & KusoVinyl - 8" figure comes with 2 Shirukens & 1 Katana - 1 out of 10 contains bloddy chase version - $69
  • Jackalope - by Amanda Visell & Kidrobot - 14" plush, limited to 1500 pieces - $30
  • Qeeology 2.5 Exhibit - a unique show featuring over 100 customized 2.5" Qees from more than 70 artists from across the globe at MARZ martini bar in Lincoln, NE on May 7th
  • Not Vinyl - group show featuring dozens of artists like Leecifer, DrilOne, Jay222, Spanky Stokes, Motorbot, Okkle, KiLL, Cris Rose, and many more at Dragatomi in Sacramento, CA from May 8th to June 1st
  • Netzwerk and Musashinto Tech - solo exhibitions by Daniel Goffin and Martin Osuna at Toy Art Galley in Hollywood, CA from May 28 to June 12
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